The Affection

The man, after the relation, looks only one form to go to sleep soon and not if he matters very with the affection that must have, obligatorily, stops with the woman, for it not to feel itself used or as a simple sexual object. The social life of the women years behind was well complicated. They were kept as ' ' slaves of lar' ' whereas its husbands had all the right and freedom to work, to look other women amongst other freedoms. still today, in full century XXI, has women treated as enslaved to the proper home. Women who have its banalizados values and its lowered moral.

It delayed very until so known sex fragile it obtained its right of being independent: women had conquered the freedom to work and to have its proper life. It is a penalty that, to reach these objectives, as many women had had that to die of form horrenda so. But this is not everything: still people exist who have its disrespected rights, many times for preconception, machismo and even though feminism excessively. everything in surplus is not nothing good! Still it happens for there of, an accepted woman in one not to be determined job, for the simple fact of that the contractors do not find that it is enabled to the same. As she also happens in house, when the wife says the husband: – Beloved, I go to change to the light bulb pra you. it answers: – Wide of bobagem, to change light bulbs is not woman thing. This is revoltante, however it is the test of how much it is normal to treat the feminine sex as being fragile. The woman is so surprising, that exactly with as much machismo and preconception that faces, it still obtains a space, obtains to remain itself independent of men and to be a citizen as any another person, without importing the sex.