The Exit

Until then that I listen to the moaned ones of the animal or beast that would fight with me, profit to include/understand what it was happening to me, felt fear a feeling that no longer must have, that this animal was too high but nevertheless sunk it was of my stature, even though very thin, its gray skin with green, did not manage to see the color of its torn eyes but tapeworm eyeteeth that excelled outside of their head which rascaba with its length arms that arrived until the floor. As soon as it manages to see to me, ignites like beast. The shouts deafen to me clearly this, that I am not the favorite but my nature makes me enter the turn of the actions and begins to fight that one beast where their movements try to maintain to me at a distance but treatment little by little to leave shows its style of fight to be able to attack it. When moving to me I approach, thus beginning to fluidly strike it by its thin body with the unique answer of a gruido ttrico of the being. It is able to strike to me and with his hands that are but claws it semi manages to errir to me of a flank I feel the pain that begins to me to run within my, perhaps it would not have of being, but I feel pain? The fight this on the verge of escaping of my control, that borders to finish it to me but before possible, trusting my level that I own, I strike a leg approaching me its face striking it in the flank of that bald head and of gray color, my following attack is instinctive and determining it falls without being able to respond. By the frenetic fight when fallen opponent seeing, I fall slowly on one of my knees, squashed by the call of the crowd, slowly under the fight area am the little man saying to me: – Excellent, in your fight I committed the error of subestimarte, you know that there were lost if they had defeated to you, there were lost your almaaaaa .

Such expression on I raise to me making run again looks for the exit to me by the spiral staircase wishing to leave that one place, my agitation arrived in increase until running into to me with the exit, is there where it stops a being to me, a man who with bitter voice me regaa. Even shaken it did not understand what tried to say to me. – That beams in this place, you did not have to enter there, sgueme will take the outskirts to you of this place, your you do not belong to this site, this site is for essences worldly. Thus energetic with its words I did not have left of another one but in following it, anyway nonwise to where going and it seemed that this wise being to where I must be, beginning to follow it, I do not know the one who is east type but it dresses in extroverted clothes of type and religious, it does not say anything, it takes firm steps, is never late in walking and I realize that little by little we left the coliseo to let see long ago cold means where, perhaps always she is here at night because I have not seen rays of the sun at any moment, and if I am not of here then to where I belong.