The Federal Sanitary Regulation

1833 – The British Parliament promulgates FACTORY ACT, considered the first really efficient norm in the field of the protection to the work, and fixed in nine years the minimum age for the work, forbade the nocturnal work for minors of 18 years and demanded medical examinations of all the diligent children? 1904 – The sanitary organization practical ece of fish in the country for Oswaldo Cross foca its attention to the control and eradication of the transmissible illnesses, and little attention to the problems of occupational health. 1919 – In Brazil the Law of Employment-related accidents appears, that would designate the starting point of the intervention of the State in the conditions of consumption of the force of industrial work in our country. The Organization was created The International of the Work, that already recognized, in its first meetings, the existence of ocupational diseases. It appeared the scientific organization of the work, the taylorismo and the fordismo, converting the citizen worker into object. Were developed the first concepts of Industrial Hygiene, Ergonomics and fortified it Engineering of Security of the Work? 1920 – The first Doctor appears of Brazilian Plant, when the Wiring Zlia Maria, situated in the quarter of Tatuap, in So Paulo, contracts a doctor to give attention to the health of its workers. 1923 – The Federal Sanitary Regulation is promulgated (the Reformation Carlos Chagas), that it would include the professional and industrial hygiene in the scope of the public health..