The 30-year anniversary will be celebrated in July at the Sachsenring FERNANDO EXPRESS, “the Kings of the dance palaces”. This distinctive predicate once created moderator Uwe Hubner for the rolling train of success. And the EXPRESS rolls already resistant 30 years this year. This anniversary is to be celebrated of course also sublime: on July 21 during a large open air “at the Sachsenring’. And for the moderation FERNANDO EXPRESS have involved of course Uwe Hubner. The expert of the pop business will lead as competent hosts by the spectacular program. Founding member Josef laid the Foundation for a professional career in show business and the later FERNANDO EXPRESS already in 1969 with the band “Skippies” Monkshood. But it should still some years of musical changes, more my experience, marriage in 1982 it was renamed the well-known band name.

With the commitment of a singer as a permanent band member. ensnared by male musicians, and the reduction of members on a Quartet, the valid up to the present day success formula for FERNANDO EXPRESS was cemented. With newcomer Michaela Zondler, there was a change on the front of the singers in the year 2010 once again. But now, the formation appears to be constant and complete. The fans of the band have accepted the attractive eye-catcher Michaela long as wholesome. And the beginning of 2012 was heralded with a new CD album for the FERNANDO EXPRESS in favor of a fresher and more modern sound moved the producer team. Norbert Beyerl gave the band the Munchner Daxhill Studio the new musical touches for the album “pretty Flamingo”. The first two single releases “pretty Flamingo” and “Amore Blu” confirmed the smooth Polish of the sound with good charts positions.

For the 30-year anniversary and the large Open-Air spectacle on July 21 FERNANDO EXPRESS has committed well-known reinforcement: the Band PUSSYCAT from Holland, two young representatives of the Hit young, LAURA WILDE and FRANZISKA, the singer LUKAS BACH and more performers you will enrich stage and make a big party to this day. But Ecker, Hans Olbert, Michaela Zondler and Rainer Prinz could ensure alone already Josef FERNANDO Express, which will fire off a hit with their more than four-hour repertoire from his own song material after the other. Four train can be leaders with their current single “Sun, Moon and stars” in the luggage, relaxed still the country roll through their EXPRESS. And the next longer intended stay will lead them at the Sachsenring.