The Great Wall

Time, location, urgency, more or less smooth blackmail, threat, concealment of the truth or manipulation will always be detected! It is better to engage in a sincere, human and mutually beneficial to always obtain the greatest benefit of a negotiation. Also, the exciting feeling of triumph should not exist in a negotiation because there is always a feeling of humiliation on the other side and this is always unacceptable. If you think that the other party does not see all the positive possibilities for him, let him do with elegance. The maxim of a negotiation is that the success of the other part is our success. However, pressure tactics are? Wear: It means to cling to one's position without making any concessions in order to exhaust the other hand until it subsides. It is also known as the tactic of "The Great Wall." Attack: Understanding by such intimidation, the rejection of any attempt by the other party to calm things down. The real objective is to intimidate.

Do not offend or humiliate. The recess: That is to postpone the negotiations to save time, analyze the situation and break the negotiation opponent. The scam: In order to mislead or lure to persuade the other party to yield to our demands. Others would also be the ultimatum, the increasing demands, pressures demanding a higher authority, the good man, inconvenience to the opposing party by choosing locations that make you feel undervalued (in this tactic include the continuous interruption of the negotiation with phone calls …) playing with time stretching sessions for their own benefit, for example, to exhaust the other hand, every little bit of haggling, the exchange rate, etc.