The Key To The Iran

The reactions in the Iran on the day before the UN Human Rights Council shows that it makes sense to move the human rights focus of the policy. September 15, 2010 will remain probably Mohammad-Javad Larijani in the memory. He had his land before the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva to represent the task. The UN Human Rights Council in Geneva has handled the situation in Iran on this day in the cycle of reviews. Western States and a number of oppositional non-government organizations (NGOs) sought to introduce numerous violations and improvement recommendations.

Iran in turn dispatched a high-level delegation, which praised very self-conscious own progress since the Islamic revolution of 1979. A number of friendly countries such as Venezuela, Cuba and Pakistan is focused on raising the standards of living in Iran, expanding health care and advancing literacy. The head of the Iranian delegation parried the accusations against his country, to have massively violates human rights with common denial and turned with a broad chest behind the ideology and its executive organs. In this respect, he will look back on this part of its work probably not without satisfaction. He took but a clear message in the Iran, that he needed and profession was allowed to ride before a panel of senior regime officials in the Iran. The Embassy will be probably some buoyancy the Rafsanjani camp.

A sharp wind had blown towards Geneva Larijani, the reputation of the Islamic Republic of Iran has lost heavily in last year’s reputation. The official in Europe, the country considered very advanced democracy compared to its neighbors in the region. The Group of the “Armaggedonisten” what is the same with the Group of the so-called “Armaggedonisten” in the Iran because it is little rational point of view, are the relations with the rest of the world. The “Armaggedonisten” are a group of about 2000 clergy, who are inspired by Ayatollah Mohammed Yazdi and Ayatollah Mesbah Yazdi to implement a messianic ideology into action. You stand behind Ahmadinejad, penetrate the new generation of Pasdaranfuhrer and sit at other important levers of power. The day is the pragmatic and rational-minded representatives of the regime, to make new arguments in hand, influence on the Supreme Leader Ali Chameneii brothers and Rafsanjani, as the three Chairman in Geneva to be turned around, before the “Armaggedonisten” create even more chaos in the Iran and the world. What will the West? In the West, the political class, that the reform forces within the system prevail, because the situation seems better controlled builds. Prefer a little of the population listed by Government on which we exert our influence, says some, as new and unknown sizes that we cannot estimate. This assessment leads to little support for civil society in the Iran, which is supported by broad strata of the population. The people finally want a system in which self-determination is possible; a system that separates religion and State leadership, is democratically structured. The last cries of the roads of the country clearly demonstrate this trend. The magic word is referendum. Mainly young people between 16 and 45 finally wish you a new system in which they creatively can engage. What could bring them support from the West? Helmut N. fork