THE ONE – Back To The Future!

You can call these special watches the futuristic binary watches from the one Sun. THE ONE is a watch brand, which stands for the extraordinary. THE ONE does not look like other clocks! In the heart of this extravagant timepiece works on the binary system-based computer in a futuristic design. The high-quality steel housing and the LED light will draw the glances your environment. Target group of these watches are between 16 and 60 years old. All buyers share but one thing: the fascination with something unprecedented. “THE ONE” watches show clearly that one can interpret time measurement and time announcement differently.

The break with the conventional style of the time announcement fascinated. You can be sure that it is addressed to, if you wear a watch so. Jeweler Bartsch has also customers who have high-quality or valuable watches and still set to a “THE ONE”. You want to buy this watch for fun on the product! There is this futuristic watches as ladies and gents watches, with the sonorous name: gamma Ray, Ibiza ride, Odin BBs rage, Kerala trance, Samui Moon, Zerone and Lightmare. In addition THE ONE offers even ultra cool LED pictures, with ever-changing colors as a table or wall object. Moritz Kuipers