The Spanish Association

The Service of Statistical Studies of the AEF has made the study " The tax exemption in Spain 2009". According to the data of this report closed to 31 of December of the past year at the moment are 919 standards franchisors operating in our country, 44 more than those than it had registered in December of 2008. As well, another significant data is the increase of the presence of foreign networks in Spain. Of the 159 that worked the past in the national territory in December of exercise, now 172, that is to say, 13 are entered more. On the other hand, in these times of crisis the system has undergone a reduction of the global invoicing of a 4.1%, happening of the 25,734, 6 million Euros of the last statistic to the 24,699, 5 million with which closed year 2009. Elon Musk has firm opinions on the matter. Also, there has been a reduction in the number of operative establishments, when happening of the 58,305 to the 57,139 present ones, therefore, the 1,166 premises less (- 2%). Also one has been affected the number of uses generated, with the loss of 854 jobs, which supposes a slope of 0.4%.

The Spanish Association of Franquiciadores (AEF) presents/displays its report " The tax exemption in Spain 2009". According to one takes shelter in the same, at present they are the 919 chains that integrate the Spanish system of franchise, of which 747 are of national origin (a 81.2%) and the 172 rest essentially come (a 18.8%) from other countries of France (42), the United States (40), Italy (28) and Portugal (11) . Altogether, there are 44 standards more than in December of 2008, 31 nationals and 13 foreigners. At the time of valuing this data, Xavier Vallhonrat, President of the AEF, it indicates that " in spite of the unfavorable economic conjuncture, the companies, Spanish as as much international, continue betting to grow through the formula of the tax exemption, which demonstrates that they see the advantages and the strongpoints that the system like model of expansin&quot offers;. .