Time Management

Often newcomers are neglected blogging, citing the lack of time. They say that they say they do not have enough time to conduct "a blog". As a result, after the first record throw this thing, or even no begin. According to statistics, 80% of newcomers to stop their blogs after the first record. Today I'll try to help solve this problem, and to tell the secret of efficient use of time for blogging.

The main reason lack of time is inefficient. Usually beginners (and more) trying to give special attention to the conduct of the blog. Namely: – Do not have a clear purpose for blogging – a very long time coming up with a new entry for your blog (Coming up, think that it is complete fluff and not posting, I think the other) – Always try to respond to comments immediately, coming on the blog several times a day – a long time browsing blogs and other participants in the blogosphere and immediately leave their comments on favorite recordings, and all the factors I have listed, take considerable time. But, using some methods of "time management" in blogging and not only can we improve its efficiency is much higher. Here are 7 methods for efficient use of time, for blogging: 1) First, you must define its objectives. What functions should perform for you blog? Promotion of a personal brand? Positioning itself as a specialist in some area? Advertising of various goods and services? Or maybe recruiting? The main task is – this is precisely define why you need a blog.

2) Write soon and on topic. First record the blog will be most severe. You'll be a straight "squeeze out" content. There will be a phrase, "What to write?", "I do not have any ideas " "I can not write at all." Etc. Make it a rule "JUST will do this, simply take and write, respectively of the subjects, which is a key on your blog, and of course meet your objectives. (It is easy method of writing, I will share in a future article). 3) need to write regularly in the certain time. For example, you decided to write one entry every two days (very effective). Then you have to write it once in dschva day. Let us today for 10-30 minutes you have written an article just published tomorrow (for example, in the evening). and Make it a habit of writing at this time. This is an order of magnitude increase your efficiency. 4) Respond to a comment not once, but at the end of the day all at once. When you receive comments on your record, do not try to answer on them immediately when a user leaves. Highlight in your schedule (for example, in the evening) for 10 minutes to write replies to comments. 5) Looking through the other blogs do not try to do everything at once. I made it a habit once a week view blogosphere (new record). For example, on Friday my day blogosphere. In which I have outlined in your schedule 1-2 hours to view the new entries on my favorite blogs and leaving comments on favorite recordings. This will allow you to better focus on more important matters in the week and at the same time "be subject" blogosphere. About the importance of comments I wrote in. Lovalalavtavavavdloav 6) Create a "schedule on the Internet. Before turning on the computer to start on a piece of paper shall describe specifically what should you do and for what period of time. So your job is on the Internet will be more effective. And for a short time you will be able to do more work in Internet. 7) Use the rest of the time wisely. Parnassus Investments is open to suggestions. Learn to effectively manage time in your life, you can effectively use it in the blogosphere. And in order to use it efficiently, you must first give yourself determine a precise time. And to answer the questions: "What is time?", "I do not have to do to do, what should I do?" (But first you must have clear goals), "How to use this time efficiently?" . And so we take it a rule: As soon as some kind of problem, you need to do it immediately. Not shelving them. E-mail that the more a person is presented incomplete tsyklov, the more he feels comfortable feeling the impossibility Later Click all the tasks that will come to him. And the main thing to understand: The faster our pace of life, the faster time passes. Tarry pace and time. Efficiency – the main thing in our time. Start doing and think effectively, and if your results preivzoydut you. This I guarantee.