Tsarist Education

Long since, the people are educated in special educational institutions. In Tsarist times were also mentions of his education at home. In Russia, people giving education at home, known as tutors. Then the children of wealthy families were very well educated, knew very much. Those times are gone, but the benefits of private lessons remain. Today everyone knows that during the individual sessions person is not distracted by extraneous matter and occupied only the subject. Thus, individual sessions are more productive, allow less time to learn more of the material. individual techniques allow for the Features of thinking and memory abilities of the individual.

In today's world, people get their education in a group where the teacher can not focus on all students at once, because we are all different. Help in this the case may be individual lessons on a particular subject. It is these services are provided by tutors in small groups and individually. The main advantage of private lessons – taking into account the ability of individual rights; advantages of mini groups – an opportunity to communicate with the same students like you, and in mini-groups remains an individual approach and there is an opportunity cost savings of a single student (a teacher runs less time than if it dealt with each student individually, and therefore requires less pay.). The uniqueness of tutoring as an educational service, as well as the demand for this service makes tutoring well-paid work. Tutor gets more than the average school teacher, however, and he gives much better results.