Valencian Administration

The Administration of the Valencian Community is the second less transparent one of Spain, only surpassed by the Cantabrian of Miguel Revilla Angel, the one of the anchovies, to understand to us. It finishes to this saying it to the NGO Transparency the International. Clear that one can believe in its information or be as skeptical as Santo Toms with respect to the resurrection of Christ. But they are there. In the Spanish case, it directs somebody to them suspicious so little as professor Jesus Lizcano, university professor of the UAM, and it guarantees a person of the prestige of Antonio Garrigues. In that uncomfortable ranking, the Valencian Community is tied with the Balearics, whose Administration has undergone the devastating passage by her of people like Jaume Matas and Maria Antonia Munar, with the evaporation of penal accusation and tens of millions of half of the political class of the islands. That does not mean nothing in itself, although it would have come to us better to us to have matched with Andalusia and Galicia, most transparent of the listing. The report of Transparency, in addition, not it refers for anything the corruption.

To that it establishes it index only at international level, where our country is in discreet 30 place, very far from Somalia, Myanmar and Afghanistan, most corrupt, but also more moved away than sometimes previous of the head, where are Denmark, New Zealand and Singapore. Than yes the report speaks is of disinformation, something on the other hand obvious in the Valencian Community since the past 26 of July the Constitutional Court failed that the Corts that Miraculous Martinez presides over had harmed " the fundamental rights of diputados" to not to have admitted 30 initiatives with questions to the Consell of the parliamentarians Mnica Oltra, Mireia Moll and its companions of Comproms. That is a practice, on the other hand, that seems logical to them to many politicians.