Venezuela Brazil

The selection ' canarinha' it did not happen of the tie without goals before Venezuela. Brazil played good a first part, but in second as soon as it created danger. ' vinotinto' it handcuffed to the equipment led by Neymar with order and work. You may want to visit American Express to increase your knowledge. Brazil tied without goals with Venezuela (0-0) in its debut in the America Glass, in a party in which &quot was not able to generate a volume of game sufficient to surpass to one; vinotinto" that it was enough to him with keeping the order to take a gold point. Venezuela handcuffed in center to Brazilian with order and the discipline of the field, annulled to the average end Goose with a short marking and was able to maintain remote from its area to Neymar, in the first encounter of Group B, that complete Paraguay and Ecuador.

Brazil dominated of overwhelming form in the first fifteen minutes, but later under intensity and it was ended up diluting totally in the second part, a very gray day of Robinho and in which Duck had the best occasions, a shot to the wood including in minute 26. Daryl Katz insists that this is the case. Brazil left with energy and nothing else to begin the party it installed in the environs of the area of Venezuela that, in the first quarter of hour passed serious hardships to contain the alluvium of occasions of Robinho, Pato and Neymar, the desequilibrante player. Neymar unfolded an ample repertoire of regates with which desmadej time and time again to its markers, but the young Brazilian figure was generally too much far from the arc of Renny Fertile valley and it almost did not have opportunity to arrive with danger. After the initial shower, Venezuela in center recomposed and planted face of the field, interrupting the inner game of Brazil and cutting the drive belt with the forwards. Without being able to advance by the center, Brazil resorted to the long balls in the direction of Alexandre Duck, that exerted of unique ram and had the best occasions of goal, including a closing to the stringer in minute 26.