Experience. I watched significant amount of traffic from search engines like sites that allow copying your content, and on sites that copied .Kak I doubled traffic through duplication kontenta.Kogda I first started to circulate content from your main site, I was amazed at how useful has increased my traffic from site visitors who click on the link at the end. Search engine traffic is also slightly increased, from both options, and what to site was the content. But the more I was amazed increase traffic, when in September, began to publish in their own articles from other sites. By the time I wrote a fairly large number of articles for their clients and several zaimel Webmasters, "fans" who were required to publish my articles at home. Intel may also support this cause. I wanted them to be easier to find them all. I was not going to attract much attention to these items, as their themes are not entirely consistent with the main theme of the site.

So I made them a separate section. And these other articles attracted a surprising amount of search traffic. A huge percentage of it came from Google, and the long search phrase which no more than a verbatim quote from the article. Why is this search engine traffic so I was surprised? These articles were very unpopular on the links. Traffic on the links was only one reference – a reference to reprint content home page, which led to the category page, which has led to the articles themselves – the path length in three clicks.