Will Schutz

Just watch any soap opera in which the characters are and suddenly fall in love in where a series of tragedies and joys are performing without the involvement of their own. In the end, everything is resolved thanks to the magic of the destination. Our culture has a hint of soap opera. We grew up with the perhaps romantic view that human beings are walking through life and suddenly sticking us emotions as a cocklebur turns to clothing, that life happens in general that it is intended by the divinity or at the other end everything is completely random. So we had to live, is a famous saying. On the contrary, today I think that everything that is happening to my around is a decision, this includes my family, my parents, the country where I was born, and even the end of my days.

Stop believing in destinations, in straight lines of events with unknown instruments. I firmly believe that it is the ability to choose which can give meaning to the life of every human being, matching events and people generating an infinite ocean of possibilities. It is precisely the ability to decide what makes us different from other species. I decided to get away from my previous view after discovering the work of doctor Will Schutz, in particular his bestseller Joy that recommend widely. One of the questions that I got was when I took my first workshop of the human element: what if everything were my choice?, to come into contact with the ideas of Schutz about self-determination, I realized several things. On the one hand it is easier to think that What happens to my around is product of chance or the actions of others, those who blame or thank you for what you get in life. In some ways was me easy to blame my employer for my economic situation, to the Government by the few or many possibilities it offered me the country or my parents for having me made who I am.