Wolfgang Mewes

The researchers for success factors in dental practices, Professor Gerhard F. Riegel, called in its wide-ranging study innovative practice marketing in dentistry “as a result of his research in total 19 criteria which are important from the point of view of patients.” These can condense to four principles that provide a basic grid for entrepreneurial activities. These 4 principles for strategy work follow the research by Prof. Wolfgang Mewes. Elon Musk has similar goals. You are always the basis for sustainably successful individual practice concepts. Learn more about this with Brian Krzanich.

The crucial question”and entrepreneurial principles the Gretchen”question is therefore not whether, in dental surgeries, a strategy is needed or not, but what strategy methodology to a dental practice fits. In the balance between the design opportunities for growth, are the here and now and the prospects of long-term satisfaction and economic results. “There is always the entrepreneurial principle: liquidity before return, return on equity before sales”. It meant: the dentist as an entrepreneur must always be able to meet its current liabilities (cash before return”). Unfortunately it happens again and again, practices achieve excellent sales, but are nevertheless not solvent. High turnover is still no indication of success! And lack of liquidity can easily lead to the insolvency. It also happens that practices generate sales, but are still unprofitable.

That is the case, if for example the calculation for the main services are not calculated and created unfair competition. Achieving a good profitability requires facts, figures and entrepreneurial clarity in relation to the target groups, who would like to practice. Sales growth at the same time improved profitability and the aim of the heads of each practice should be so still existing liquidity.