Systems Time

Being thus, Administrator of today needs requirements as capacity of work in team, aiming at common good of organization and of who in it works, ability to learn on things not directly on to its branch of performance, dynamism, interaction with people, that is the source of production and growth of a company, opening for new ideas and innovations that can appear, amongst other important factors, as attention each bigger time for Tendncias and Megatendncias (Naisbitt, 1990) that they are arising in the market and they can changed itself into a competitive advantage for its company. Some changes of paradigms can be observed summarized in the picture below, of Idalberto Chiavenato: The Three Ages of the Administration of Century XX Were Classic 1900? 1950. Beginning of Industrialization. Stability. Little change. Previsibilidade. Regularity and certainty. Scientific administration.

Classic theory. Relations Human beings. Theory of the Bureaucracy Was Neoclssica 1950? 1990. Industrial development. Increase of the change. End of the previsibility. Necessity of innovation. Neoclssica theory.

Estruturalista theory. Mannering theory. Theory of Systems. Theory of the Contingency Was of Information After 1990. Technology of the Information. Globalization. Emphasis in the services. Acceleration of the change. Imprevisibilidade. Instability and uncertainty Emphasis in: Productivity Quality Competitiveness Customer Globalization Picture 1? The three Ages of the Administration of Century XX. Chiavenato, I. (2.000) In current Brazil can be affirmed that we are living the Age of the Information, that if it more launches in our daily each time ' ' furiosa' '. It has a constant concern on the part of the companies in relation to the productivity, that is, it is necessary that if it takes care of to more demanding customers each time, and that they always want more at any time; these same customers desire to quality in the products and offered services, thus it increases the competitiveness between the companies, a time that the customer starts to be ' ' center of atenes' ' , and the funny competition around it forever to please it and to conquer its confidence.

Manuel Zelaya

The Government of Spain port has coordinated a comprehensive device security in conjunction with troops of other neighbouring countries of the community of the Caribbean like the Bahamas, Jamaica, Barbados, Belize, Guyana and Suriname.The device includes in addition to the restriction of traffic, monitoring in hazardous areas, cameras from the Piarco international airport to the venue of the Summit, a red security zone around the area and restricted access to strictly accredited personnel. As already noted, the most striking point of this international event will be the participation of the President of the United States, Barack Obama, who will have his first great contact with the entire region, which expects his Government to pass the page of turbulent relations that marked the administration of George w. Bush in this appointment. There are many expectations of what will be the position, the actions of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, who already attended the last two continental meetings and never has this in accordance with their results, already on opinions given at the recently concluded Summit held recently in Cumana, Venezuela, Alba points out that this is probably the last Summit that no benefit at all to the countries of this continent. We are reminded, in the of Mar del Plata, almost four years ago, they were also the Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva and his counterparts from Colombia, alvaro Uribe; El Salvador, Elias Antonio Saca; Guyana, Bharrat Jagdeo; Dominican Republic, Leonel Fernandez; Suriname, Ronald Venetiaan, and Uruguay, Tabare Vazquez. For Saca port Spain Summit will be one of the last international commitments, since it will deliver the next Presidenciael 1 June to the President-elect of El Salvador, Mauricio Funes, who also will be in Trinidad and Tobago. Indicates, that repeated several rulers of the islands of the Caribbean, including the current host, the first Trinidadian Minister, Patrick Manning. It notes, however, which America Continental, the encounter will be a novelty for the Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper, and the Presidents of Mexico, Felipe Calderon; Guatemala, Alvaro Colom; Honduras, Manuel Zelaya; Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega, and Costa Rica, Oscar Arias.


But what in this in case that is unfruitful attitude It is only one weak attitude. By the critical one seted States they can be jammed. The canalization of a river enxerto of a tree the education of a person the transformation of a State These is examples of critical fruitful. is also Examples of arte.’ ‘ (Bertolt Brecht) Legal-size difficult this of professor. Difficult craft To teach what? To who? who exactly wants to learn nowadays? To also write is difficult.

He is hard to be writer in a Country as Brazil To write what? On what? To publish as and where? who goes to read? To write on difficult times, for the few that still read. these few, in its great majority, are exactly those that live in these difficult times It exactly wanted to write for the diligent old astuteness, that takes to the professor its to know. It wanted to write on the pack of it, that it is weighed excessively. But it does not have time to read. That it must have time to accept and to read the pamphlets well that contain knowing. But it refuses them She will be that it knows to read? if knows, understands? Says it me, worried about tomorrow: – First the bread, later the education, my son! I also remembered a citizen, a small worker friend mine, that very likes to read. It called me one day these to ask for something different them to me books, that always I loan to it. He asked for so that he helped to pay its accounts it of water and light, therefore the little that is earning alone of the same one to buy the bread.


Subcategorias exist that appraise subject: Accessibility architectural: it does not have urban barriers in the spaces or equipment and the individual or collective ways of transport. Comunicacional accessibility: it does not have barriers in the interpersonal communication (face-the-face, language of signals), writing (periodical, magazine, book, letter, emends, including texts in braile, use of the portable computer) and virtual (digital accessibility). Metodolgica accessibility: it does not have barriers in the methods and techniques of study (pertaining to school), of work (professional), communitarian action (social, cultural, artistic etc.) and of education of the children (familiar). Instrumental accessibility: it does not have barriers in the instruments, utensils and tools of study (pertaining to school), work (professional) and leisure or recreation. Programmatical accessibility: it does not have invisible barriers inlaid in public politics (laws, decrees, you would carry) and norms or regulations (institucional, enterprise, etc.). Atitudinal accessibility: it does not have preconceptions, stigmata, esteretipos and discriminations. Therefore accessibility is much more that access possibility.

I must stand out that here treatment of only one of the many on questions to the subject, the aspect that I consider is as we start to perceive the accessibility lack when we are in adverse situation. But when I needed to move itself of crutches it is that I extended my look for this question. To think about made me to accessibility to observe things that before I did not repair. Saramago had reason when it affirmed: ' ' If pods to look at see, if it sees repara.' ' I did not reflect with depth on the subject. I observed, for example, the lack of respect to the exclusive vacant for people with deficiency, I verified that in some places they exist, but nor always they are respected, that in others they are absurd, as in the agency of the Bradesco bank in Capivari, the person with deficiency parks the car of a side there and the slope of access to the door is of the other side, to the side of the exclusive vacant does not have slope.

Contraction Point

When some signals of retrocession are observed are arrived the contraction. This in general unchains wild race in the administrations, either in the companies, the government, the alternative businesses and each one search, trying to all protect the cost of the avalanche that if designates. A process of analysis and studies is initiated, thus searching one better norteamento for the necessary changes, acting as antidotes against the recess, all try to mold themselves and to leave unharmed. through this check up of ideas, the individuals, in general, goes if adaptando to survive satisfactorily, but, unhappyly, nor all obtain. However, exactly with as many pertinent studies, it is not known of where comes the cause, where if it originated. Studious they point as reasons, especially, the deceleration of the market, the decrease of the commercial activity, the decline of the tax of economic growth, the shrinking of the economy, at last, always in this same line. However, we know that previous to everything this had a cause – great and exemplary conclusions of studious they are most certain – but, in do not show the reality to them of its origin, only the unchained effect, far from being the beginning of all this recessivo process.

To study the cause and its origin is the main and nevrlgico point. We go to understand a little! Everything is initiated with proper human being and its action. For example, the lack of idoneousness, extreme and desregrados moral, behaviors. At last, continuously the human being search to so only get to be able, status, ownerships, the domain on the other in detriment of whatsoever, without measuring consequences. This yes is the first cause of these wild disequilibria, bringing as many difficulties, therefore, it goes compromising, businesses, commerce, groups, companies, corporations, cities, states, countries, and finally, the outcome is globalizado. Worse it is that for many until lack what for a table.

East Berlin

The wall of the Sahara West (started in 1981), which separates the territories occupied by Morocco of the territories under the control of the Sadr. The fence of Ceuta and Melilla border fence, on the border between the two Spanish cities of Ceuta and Melilla and Morocco. Wall of safety of Quebec (2001), during the Summit of the Americas the israeli barrier in the West Bank, (2002) separating Israel de Cisjordania: it’s an israeli construction carried out in territory West Bank, which has been sharply criticized from diverse fields. The wall between Cyprus and the Republic of the North Cyprus, which is also a EU limit wall gave much talk was the Berlin wall, also known as the wall of shame by Western public opinion, was part of the borders intraalemanas from the 13 August 1961 until 9 November 1989 and separated the West Berlin from East Berlin and the GDR. Wall stretched by 45 miles that divided Berlin in two and 115 kilometres that separated West Berlin in the GDR. He was one of the best-known symbols of the cold war and the separation of Germany.

Many people died in the attempt to overcome tough surveillance of the GDR border guards when they went to the western sector. The exact number of victims is subject to disputes and security is not known. The Berlin Prosecutor’s Office considers the total balance of 270 people, including 33 who died as a result of the detonation of mines. For its part the Centre for historical studies of Potsdam 125 estimated the total death toll in the area of the wall. Fortunately, on November 9, 1989, the so-called wall of shame and Berlin that it separated in two diametrically opposed political and economic realities, began his downfall. It should be noted, that the former Soviet President Mijail Gorbachov (1989-1991), former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl (1982-1998) and former President of the United States, George Bush father (1988-1992), met again in Berlin to commemorate the fall of the wall, an event closely linked to the three person. Fortunately that was deleted, but mankind will not forget what they represented and the great violation human rights, most unfortunate the dead who gave the. I expected that is removed from the United States regarding Mexico and President Barak Obama search for other mechanisms to avoid that this shame follow manifesting, in an era where it is assumed because we have learned the lesson.


The sea of clouds to our feet part Baroque towers of the high peaks, Islands elevated and quiet browsing the turmoil pielago of fog, submissively squat at their feet. But the fog is not something purely negative; dip in opens us new horizons, so high and deeper than the lofty world that surrounds us. The fog puts us within ourselves. The fog is blindness with open eyes and also the glimpse. Also are men, life, nesting industrious and patient in the laps of the slopes. Accompanied by la majada loneliness the Shepherd lives an incredibly austere life. The huts of tall grassland, without amenities, windowless and dark become inconceivably cosy refuge when weathering breaks out outside the country; they become in that indefinable entity which is home. And when the Sun and the clarities loom by la majada, whole mountain is home.

There in the remote majadas is still the old hospitality that means not giving us leftover or us is not essential, but our home entirely, sharing and distributing the most endearing that a man can give, their poor poverty. They are also the names, the verb that defines and describes each landform lovingly. Here verb and object correspond exactly, together inseparably by the binder of love. In some cases this union occurs by a perfect onomatopoeia material and spiritual. And finally there are the summits. The peaks don’t lend themselves easily to words; they are beyond words, in the bright and omnisignificante universe of silence.

The rite of hands narrowed to reach the highest point is the symbol of the fraternity of men through Earth and ascetic expiration of oneself. The man inside is also a tower that is necessary to trace and ascension to the mountaineering Summit is the parallel metaphor that Ascend from the inside which is our human destiny. At the Summit we have reached that point in which there is nothing than to raise, in that only subtracted us take flight. We have already forgotten everything; they have lagged behind the moments of uncertainty before the uncertain way, tormented grip to a suddenly rotten rock that breaks, breaks us hands, the heart; wrong with the soul step in suspense in an endless moment. We have made a quick and incomplete journey, with memory, with the heart, in the Picos de Europa. The remoteness and peace allow debug visions and experiences past, eliminating inesenciales circumstances and emphasizing the truly significant elements, surpassing pure instantaneous and fleeting Impressionism by a deep and permanent expressionism. I stacked entity you memories and fond emotions, turns already for my in irretrievable past, vivid in my years of humble Mountaineer by the sophisters Picos de Europa. In the peace of insomnia, in the loneliness of the big city I redid many times mentally with delightful attention to detail each of the last moments and these visions I have comforted and serenado. Hopefully this collective reunion just perform has helped us all to reaffirm our love for the mountain, in whose summits we have reached so many times the best reward that life can offer us: peace with ourselves.

Good Driver

Be a good driver with Genesis Genesis in their eagerness to get good conductors has launched a new promotion when hiring your car insurance. To do this, it will reward all those drivers who passed to your car insurance company who have not had any mishap in his driving in the last two years. This makes this a great opportunity for all those drivers who have not had to give any part to insurance, since if they are passed to Genesis, may receive up to a 40% discount on your car insurance, what you will have to add up to a 65% discount on bonus format, which means that the final price to pay for our car insurance could be very interesting. We say that it could be very interesting since the bonuses shall be carried out according to the profile of each conductor, which means that all potential clients not will give you the same range of bonus, so if we want to know what it would cost us to take our car with Genesis, the best insurance It’s that instant quote, since this is totally free and it might make us save much money. On the other hand, we must remember that Genesis provides great coverage to its customers, so if you have some mishap, the company will try to fix it as soon as possible, because of the good coverage of the same.

Earn Money

Career plan bonus by the development of leaders to promote other vip clients to be a leader: provided that you help other people to become leader of Oriflame, since until director gold group leader, you win a bonus as a leading mother. Many more people to help create his own team, get greater benefits. By your own promotion: you can get bonds, everytime you ascending category, from head of gold up steering group. As leader of Oriflame you will earn an additional bonus, when you reach new titles. As a leading mother: for helping to promote other vip customers to become leader. Always and as many times as promotions group leader to any members of your team, within one year since you made your first order. As a leading child: by your own promotion. All the vip clients that reach the category of group leader before a year since they make their first order. Requirements to earn the bonus: to obtain the bonus (both leaders: the) new and leading mother) the new leader must have reached the level of qualification in 2 of 3 catalogues consecutive (if in a catalogue of the 3 did not reach the level of qualification, it must reach at least maintenance level). All Oriflame vip customers have a powerful tool for the development of leaders. Our career plan rewards the appointments of new leaders in the various categories. Requirements: In order to participate in the career of Oriflame plan, vip customer must qualify as head of group within a year since he did his first order. The new leader has to keep the category, not counting the recualificaciones. To receive the bonus, you must have reached the level of qualification in two of three consecutive catalogues. If a catalog of all three not reached the level of qualification, it must reach the level of maintenance. Our career plan rewards the appointments of new leaders in the various categories.

University Center Study

Teacher: ngela Maria Gomes Alba Denise Campolina Carla Rosele de Almeida Saints Cora Carolina of the Coast Munt Emerson Moniz Barretto de Menezes Fernanda de Mayan Souza Herbet Fontoura de Castro Lara Cotta Amaral Lvia Fortunato de Castro Lvia Peres Sheep of Mendona Luis Philip Blacksmith Fagundes Nathlia Luiza Fonseca Ricardo Adalberto de Carvalho Talita Marielle Da Silva Rock Vincius Tadeu Silva de Almeida 1. INTRODUCTION the growth of the cities throughout history demonstrates, in the generality, two well contrastantes realities: of a side it is the city properly planned, drawn to take care of the necessities of the population; of the other side if it finds a great parcel of the population that lives without the minimum conditions of habitability. It is accurately this what it is seen in the city of Belo Horizonte, in Minas Gerais, a city characterized for the great amount of observed contrasts. This work looks for to present the development of a study of case of the Basin of the call ' ' Stream of the Cercadinho' ' , place where it is possible to identify this new configuration of use and occupation inside of the cities. All this study is resultant of a work of field carried through for the pupils of the course of after graduation in Management Ambiental and Geoprocessamento of the University Center of Belo Horizonte UNI-BH, under orientation of the ngela teacher Gomes, being the exit of field carried through in day 19 of March of 2011.

The importance of this work consists of the survey and the half characterization of the bitico, partner-economic abitico and of the basin, being distinguished the natural potentialities of the area, the impacts caused for the urbanization process and the ambient risks that this area can bring, as much for the region how much for the local population. Of this form, the central question of this work is to raise some questionings concerning the use and occupation of the study area, in order to understand, from the historical process of occupation, excellent aspects of its reality. It fits to stand out despite the study area is characterized as Area of Permanent preservation (APP), being, however, some aspects of its occupation stimulated by the real estate market, disrespecting the ambient legislation. This process is perceived throughout the course of the stream since the sum until downstream, with raised levels of intervention more in the fertile valley area of the same.

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