The Coasts

' ' Jav, you snosso father, we are the clay and you, our potter, all we are workmanships of tuasmos. As clay in hand of the potter, who amolda its bel pleasure, thus is oshomens at the hands of the Creator. You formed my kidneys, Jav, you weaveeed me in seiomaterno, you defined my life all. Your workmanships are wonderful, quemaravilha are I, Jav. I marvel myself at your wonders I celebrate, you for tantoprodgio. You know until the deep one of my being: when he was done in the land maisprofunda, fabric in secret, my bones had not been hidden you. Yours they olhosviam my embryo. Know you me when I am seated and of foot, you see claramentequando I am walking, when rest you see also me.

If for the coasts you enclose sintoque me, I know that of front you perceive also me. To run away far from the teuEsprito, what I will make? Where I will go? I do not know. For where I will go? For where I will run away? If I go up to the sky or me prostro in the abyss I find, you there. You are in high damontanha verdejante and the confines of the sea. It swims escapes to your the holy ghost olhar' ' Is 64,7; Eclo 33,13; Sl 138 (139), 13-16. The human being is impefeito, fragile, feitoda same clay that other terrenas creatures. However, it received from the Criadordignidade biggest that they: life, the spirit, the inspiration inoculated it to it, acriatividade, the capacity to love, the mood, almost made them deuses, icsticos, smiles the God. Icon, perfect expression of God, the human being reproduzfielmente the characteristics of it; but he is not God: but it he is semelhante.' ' What is a mortal, it stops of it remembering, and a son of Adam, to viresvisitar it? Jav, that is the man pra you know that it, the son of the mortal who oconsideres? What is the human being, pra that you make case of it, occupies of it, oexamines, inspects to each moment and each morning? It is as a blow, seusdias, as the shade that passes.

Executive Board Dorner

For example, several manufacturers had failed to implement a system of meaningful internal key figures to anchor sustainable productive structures and processes in addition to the POS data. The game room is playful to compensate for material price increases, in this way. Market share then lost to competitors who have their value chain in the handle. Poor transparency lenders and investors, made it difficult also to assess a company’s strategic and operational developments, what may cause that this hesitant behave”, the experienced consultants experienced again and again. Self test revealed strengths and weaknesses analysis results have motivated Dorner, to develop a self test and on his Homepage to make, with whose help companies free of charge can determine which optimisation potential they have in terms of productivity, growth and yields. The results of this self test to help that company of the textile and clothing industry can focus on profitable sales fields and build competitive performance and cost structures.

Competency experience professionalism Otto R. Dorner advises textile and garment manufacturers and trade among others, construction and maintenance of Renner assortments, in establishing areas enabled collections and assortments, as well as optimization of value chains. Fashion and the March Munich knitwear Ltd., the Dipl. Kaufmann’s customers benefit from its profound experiences as a long-time managing director of textile manufacturers such as Falcon, or as a member of Executive Board of CBR fashion holding (Street one, Cecil and one touch) and brand Director of OneTouch and his extended the consulting expertise from working for the consulting firm Dr. Donhauser & partner process optimisation and process cost accounting and strategy development.

Dorner was responsible also already in the parental company for product management and the creation of knitwear collections for ESCADA, Rene Lezard, Louis Feraud, Bogner and was awarded with the textile industry’s Forum Award and with the environmental award of the city of Munich. He passes including his knowledge as a lecturer at the University of applied sciences Rosenheim.


After each lixamento the surface must be carefully clean. The second stage is in the Politriz sander with sandpaper 260. It is placed part in the record revolving and it continues the process, then after one changes for Politriz with sandpaper 360, all the lixamento process was carried through with water lubrication, always keeping the effort in the center of the sample not to create plans. 4 Passo – Burnishing As in the lixamento, burnishing must remove the damages introduced for the previous stages. That is gotten through successive stages of finer abrasive particle application.

The diamond is used as an abrasive, and obtains the fastest removal of material and the best possible planicidade. It does not have another abrasive capable to produce resulted similar. Had its hardness, the diamond can extremely cut well to all the materials and phases. Certain materials, especially those that are soft and dcteis, require final burnishing of excellent quality. In this in case that, burnishing is used the oxide base. The colloidal silica, of size of approach grain of 0,04 mm and pH of 9,8, has demonstrated great resulted. The combination of chemical activity and fine abrasion soft absolutely produces samples without risks and deformations. The OP-U is a suspension for general burnishing, that supplies to perfect results in all the types of materials.

The OP-S can be used with reagents that increase the chemical reaction, that becomes the OP-S an excellent option for very dcteis materials. A suspension of alumina, acid, OP It, is used for final burnishing of steel of low and high league, nickel alloys base and ceramic. Description of the assay: After the lixamento, places it part in the Politriz with felt of thickness 3 m, water for the lubrication and adiamantada folder to assist in burnishing. After that, it is placed part in the Politriz with felt of 2 m and folder adiamantada with finer granulation to have better finishing, until the surface of the sample to be espelhada and without no arranhado.

Public Administration

This flexibility is a proper characteristic of the SRP9. In this direction, administrator must keep control on the registered prices and the practised ones in the market, with the objective to prevent acts of contract for abusive prices and to keep the economic-financial balance, that must be preserved not alone in the SRP as in contracts in general, firmed with the Administration, for being about principle of constitutional nature, consecrated in article 37, interpolated proposition XXI of the CF/8810. In the SRP, the mechanism used for maintenance of the economic-financial balance it is the negotiation. Both the involved parts? Administration and supplier? they can request the revision of the registered prices. The parameter will have to be the price of mercado9.

In accordance with the article 15 of the law of licitations and contracts, the purchases, whenever possible, will have to be processed by means of the SRP5. Jayme Albin oftentimes addresses this issue. When commenting this article, Bittencourt (2006, P. 64) assevera that the SRP is not option and yes one ' ' legal imposition in the use of systematics as rule, adopting other forms only in situations excepcionais' ' 11. Sentence 56/99? Plenary assembly of the Court of Accounts of Unio (TCU) recommends that the SRP? it must be rule: ' ' whenever present one of the permissive hypotheses, to process, preferential, the acquisitions of good for intermediary of the SRP' ' 12. In this direction, the adoption of the SRP in the purchases and act of contract of services of the Public Administration only must be rule, abstaining itself the materials and the services that are not fit in the concept of ' ' goods and services freqentes' ' , as it establishes the article 2 of Decree 3.931/017. The comprometimento of the team are of basic importance so that the process of implantation of the efficient SRP either, becoming necessary that the effort of the involved group is not in such difficult way to discourage.

Aspects Positive

The regime of the common children is, along with the distribution of goods, one of the key points when there is a divorce. The figure of shared custody as one that would unite more effectively the interests of both parents in their children’s development has been promoted in this field. This figure is not already a cast of your child time to 50% between father and mother (though it could be decided in an eventual agreement) but the assumption by both of equal rights and responsibilities in the area of upbringing, education and development. The advantages of the regime of custody – firstly, implies an involvement of both parents in their children’s lives, without it none of them being relegated in the adoption of decisions, shrinking so much of the frustration and conflict after the divorce. Sarah Raskin usually is spot on. -Women, which is to would who normally the custody of the minor, is attribute can enjoy more time to rebuild their lives after divorce and develop staff and professionally. -Disappear impediments so that either parent could spend time with the child, there is no place to be used as a weapon between both parents visitation. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Doctor Jayme Albin. -As a result, the emotional stability of the minor could increase, decreasing the problems of socialization and introversion and school failure so typical of any divorce proceedings.

The disadvantages of it – as it is logical, requires large doses of responsibility, effort and commitment. Ultimately, continuously see your ex partner after the divorce could not be somewhat nice, especially in certain circumstances (for example, if still albergaras feelings for her). -It would be precise an understanding by both and dialogical attitude to decide the terms that it will move the upbringing and education of the small, and this can be hindered by possible deterioration in the relationship prior to the divorce. -On the other hand, taken to its extreme could be very difficult for the child, by having this that move continuously for a household to another, especially if both parents lived far from the other. As you can see, these drawbacks are widely outnumbered by the advantages, what has become to this modality of custody the preference in the legal systems of many countries, emphasizing its great benefits for the children of both spouses. Try to take it to term flexibly and promote to the maximum the communication and cooperation between parents are two key issues that will guarantee the success of this alternative.

Possible Diseases

A brief summary of the common wood tick in Germany there almost exclusively, known as ticks, also commonly known as “wood block” or “Hedges Bock” called. To perform a food intake, the tick was equipped with reamer and Saugorganen, which allow the parasite to tear up the skin of the host first, then drill a small hole and following this sucking. Unfortunately, the tick has greatly hampered even barbs, which remove a light. During a blood meal the animal can it put on the 200 of its original size, an astonishing feat of nature. The flexible tanks, as well as an extremely stretchable intestine make this possible. With a “maximum” blood meal the tick can survive extremely long, Not like a few years.

The life expectancy of ticks incidentally is 4-5 years. Ticks for preferred streams, as well as on forest edges, clearings, but unfortunately also in gardens and city parks. Also on playgrounds they settle gladly. Prerequisite: Grass, meadow and grassy area. Hedgehogs, deer and birds, but also dogs and of course people are among the main hosts. The tick bites are piling up especially in the mushroom season in the late summer / autumn. By the way, both words are correct: tick bite, and also tick bite.

Goes best with a so-called map of ticks ticks away, you get this at your pharmacy. A tick never rip out with tweezers, a nail polish or oil use suffocate. The reason: In agony, the tick vomit several times in the wound, the dangerous pathogens in the intestine of the tick are available this would become an additional risk. In case of doubt let a doctor remove the tick. Unfortunately, the best protection against ticks is a boring protection: you do not reside in areas, where ticks live. Light clothing is useful, on this you can see any scabs animals quite quickly. There is a trip into the countryside behind it, so you should undress quickly, and the body Search. Vulnerable areas are the pubis, the armpits, as well as also on the backs of the knees. The reason: Ticks love heat and thin skin. This is the mentioned bodies. There are two communicable diseases: Lyme disease to Lyme disease develop in Germany each year over 30,000 people. The so-called blush of hiking is characteristic of an infection after a bite. This is a circular spreading redness. Possible, if highly unlikely consequences a disease: cardiac arrhythmias, meningitis and neuritis, paralysis, nerve pain and muscle weakness. After a tick bite, you should go to the doctor, they can handle an infection with Borrelia by antibiotics. There is no vaccine for humans. TBE: The tick-borne encephalitis (TBE), is found in European risk areas (particularly in the South of Germany). It is estimated that about 30 percent of all people bitten by infected ticks fall ill. The TBE must be divided into two phases: phase 1 is characterized by fever, links -, head -, and back pain and takes 2-8 days. Phase 2 begins after 1-20 days with high fever and strong neck – and headaches. Here the risk of meningitis with impending paralysis. However, this is relatively unlikely, because only at 6-18% of the sick is a such serious history. Children and young people by the way much better survive the disease. Stay healthy!

ADHD And ADS And The Possible Relation To Kryptopyrroluria

Still children as well as adults difficult in everyday life have it, if you have add or ADHD. At Parnassus Investments you will find additional information. Stamped as hyperactive or dreamers of everyday life for those affected is especially difficult if the disorder is not yet diagnosed. Who does not know them from childhood: figures such as the Struwwelpeter, the hyperactive, the small Michel Lonneberga or also the Pumuckl show an ADH disorder personality characteristics. Here, it is evident that children who live with the disorder, are of course just as intelligent and bright, like other children. Essential however for the correct handling of affected children is grappling with this mental disorder and in particular understanding of this triggered, often very showy behavior.

Featuring for ADS, an attention deficit disorder the impulsive behavior is usually accompanied by marked inattention, especially, if the person in a group of people. For ADHD, the Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is also still a very strong pronounced urge to move and impatience. “” Typical for people with this disorder the easy distractibility, forgetfulness, carelessness, unbridled flow of words, day dreaming, mood swings and temper tantrums and of course the motor hyperactivity, are by themselves often do not remain seated can “, rocking chair and impatient wait can” expresses. Of course, you can still extend the list, but not all properties meet all hyperactive”children. And above all listed features should not be confused with age-appropriate temperament of children.

Possible Outbreaks

On occasion we have seen some friend of ours with a blister on the lip area, it manifests that it is very painful and that the doctor has told you that it’s a cold sores. This blister that is commonly known in popular speech as fire has a cause, and on these occasions we have asked more than once what causes cold sores? Labial herpes is a viral disease that can be caused by two different viruses belonging to the family herpesviridae, one of them and the most frequent called Herpes Simplex Virus type 1 is the one that causes almost all infections herpes in the buccal and labial area, although there are other viruses that in smaller proportion also causes an infection of herpes Labialisis the Herpes Simplex Virus type 2; This type of virus is causing most of the times of genital herpes, but it can spread the area of the lips due to close contact with the infected area. Kisses, or contact with the affected area, may be what causes cold sores, since the virus is present in the wounds blistering and they can be transmitted either by direct or indirect contact with the area, it should be noted that when we speak of an indirect contact, we speak of come into contact with any object that has been directly contaminated with the affected area. Now that we know what causes cold sores, we can have more caution and we should also remember, that to be a viral infection wounds will heal themselves once the virus has ceased to affect the area, these blisters usually heal without leaving any wound in a period of 6 to 12 days, so it’s about time to make these lesions disappear alone and in this period the virus enters dormancy. Discover how I could remove outbreaks of genital herpes using a very curious method by clicking here.

Pledge Equipment

The costs of implementing security. They are divided into two groups: one – public duties, taxes, service brokers, advertising costs, legal fees – can take up to 25% of market value, and the second – the cost of dismantling, transportation and subsequent installation and commissioning of equipment – can be up to 5-10%, in particularly severe cases – up to 25%. Depreciation at the end of the loan agreement. Obsolescence due to the decline competitiveness of the object in the market compared to similar, more sophisticated objects and changes in the market. Physical depreciation is a consequence of physical aging facility and a partial loss of his performance.

Equipment to the physical wear and tear more than 70-80% is considered illiquid and are generally not accepted by the bank as collateral. The value of obsolescence can be defined to reduce the price of similar new equipment over time, taking into account inflationary changes. Advisable to reduce the discount to the bank at the maximum rate of physical or mental deterioration. So, the real obsolescence of computer equipment up to 30% a year, and physical – 15%. In practice, the moral and physical are not summarized discounts, or taken the greatest of them, or some combination of the weighted average. Prognostic value of the equipment.

This rate of price reduction regarding the market value of equipment at the time of a possible foreclosure on collateral. The maximum period before the implementation period is considered as a loan agreement, extended for one year (ie laid negative scenario in bankruptcy, litigation, etc.). The forecast value is calculated on the basis of price trends over time in the past, the obvious trend changes in market value of property in the future, taking into account depreciation. Click Jayme Albin to learn more. Trends in market value considered obvious, when for a long time (at least% of the term for which is expected to to provide a loan) market value varies in a certain direction uniformly, without sharp fluctuations.


The engagement is a complicated subject. Many people are intelligent in many things, but when she is appointments, it is not easy for them. When you feel that it wants to fix the things with a ex–loving, perhaps you do not know how to do it. Brian Kzanich often addresses the matter in his writings. It can have a great confusion and nervousness because it is possible that you are scared and you make a mess the things. First that you must do it is to leave of preocuparte. The nervousness can ruin the things, and can make the process much more difficult.

To return with your ex- ones can be a good experience of learning and can have a positive influence in your life. When you think about returning with your ex- ones, it thinks about why you broke like first point. It finds the way to solve that problem. There are many solutions different from this, due to the many sircunstancias. Once you have that solved step, you will have to pardon and not to keep no resentment or can bite again in the future. It can have some situations in which first you must distanciarte of your ex- ones so that you are able to see the things with more clarity instead of to have the cloudy mind by negative thoughts.

When you feel that both estan ready, must speak of its problems. Pon everything in the table and you do not conserve anything. The lies or fears that stop to you will return in your con in the future not having an intelligent conversation envelope which left bad and what there is to make to fix the things. In certain occasions not estaras in agreement with which the other person must say. You will have to be able to arrive at some type in mutual agreement, even if this means that you must be a little more indulgent with your thoughts. Once you have spoken on the things, it begins slow down. To only return to a relation at the maximum speed can ponerte again where you were before and you do not want that. It is necessary little by little to construct to your new relation with the new agreements and understandings. To construct one better relation on one more a base hard can have amazing results. You must learn to respect to the others of a way that you did not do it before. Also it is necessary to put all problems previous of side, but not olvidarte of them. You must learn of your previous errors and adaptarte to the new situation. It is like beginning a new relation, since it must be a new beginning, where both parts have one better understanding the one of the other.

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