Outsourcing: Pros And Cons

Outsourcing – a relatively new type of service in the Russian market. The concept of outsourcing in our legislation is absent. The term "outsourcing" comes from the English outsourcing, and literally translates as "the use of external resources ". Eva Andersson-Dubin will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Outsourcing services are used to manage non-core assets that are not profitable, but are vital for the normal operation of any company, such as – Accounting and , legal, human resources, marketing services and IT-technology. Glenn Dubin often says this. If large companies outsourcing – often follow the modern fashion business process management, for small and medium-sized businesses trying to swim and do not drowning "in the new economy", the translation of some "indirect" business functions can be not only a necessity, but sometimes the way to "save" their financial situation and used as a good way reduce costs.

Use of outsourcing services, provides the enterprise cost savings on administrative expenses, office (equipment jobs) and pay taxes on wages of employees. Besides the opportunity to reduce costs, outsourcing, certainly has some advantages that can be used for development and normal functioning of the enterprise. Not all companies can afford to have his staff both qualified accountants, lawyers, personnel officer, IT-specialist, marketer, etc., while the business development of services essential. At the same time, even in the presence of such specialists, the specificity such enterprises do not always allow such professionals opespechit amount of work and a full load. Particular, this simply is not necessary to the work of specialists need assistance conditional on a smaller scale than the "full day from 9:00 am to 18:00 pm with a lunch break from 13:00 to 14:00 hours.

The Entrance

However, in this case must take into account weakened over time, the carrying capacity of slabs – in these houses are usually made of wood. To design and build a mezzanine, of course, easier in homes where the ceiling height greater than 3.5 m. But the minimum possible mark may be much lower – only 2.7 m. Of course, in this case under the mezzanine will have to equip a children's playground or workplace child that does not require too great a height, and the remaining space to allocate to top box. The distance from the attic shelves to the ceiling in this case can not be more than a meter, and resembles the upper berth in a sleeping car: sit or lie on it can be, but to straighten up a full-length is not succeed. Such mezzanine often and pose as an extra bed – guest or children. Nestled bedroom loft-best in the attic of a country house.

In the place where the entrance to the stairs, height of the mezzanine, of course, should not be less than human height. A drop ceiling of the attic can in the direction where it will be a bed and, therefore, no need to straighten upright. The second most popular option after-bedroom loft – loft-room. Opportunity to rise "upstairs" and there is concentrated, easy to work – not this one of the pleasures of life? At the office, of course, need a library. And it is important think in advance about the strength of the assembly. Source: Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City. After all, it will have to keep (with a margin) is not only a lot of people and furniture, but also of numerous books, which are sometimes huge weight.

Call Center Business

As is known, the history of business development in Russia is quite complicated. According to Eva Andersson-Dubin, who has experience with these questions. First, those who wanted to have his case, had to contend first with the government, then mob. For obvious reasons, it's not the best way affected the pace of development. It so happened that the very small firms, who now work in offices of glass and concrete a very long time working on the basics of sweatshops, serving a relatively small number of customers. At that time, about any establishment of such a department as a call-center also was out of question.

With a small volume of paper production copes and two – three secretaries. And about any of the vast customer bases Likewise, nobody even thought of. But eventually things began to change. The arrival of western trends largely caused as the emergence of many realities. Many of them use so to speak on the Russian open spaces was not something that disadvantageous, as ridiculous and even stupid. But the appearance of such departments as the call-center in a variety of organizations, where required working with large customer bases, such a course impossible to say. And if the main essence of innovation call centers has been copied in a Russian reality quite right and proper, the very execution of this idea is still far from ideal. But even so, with the main its functions and responsibilities Russian call centers coping well.

While some organizations understand the essence of their work is not quite right, too complicating professional activity operators. For example, if we talk about the basic functions of this department of the organization, as call-center – it is primarily communicating with customers. Equally important will have a call center yet, and because each call to the company – this is another opportunity to earn. And consequently, it should not be missed because the phone number was busy. No less important is the value of the call center as a source of information. The fact is that from this again will depend on company profits. After all, if the customer is not satisfied with Information provided by the support he can apply to competitors. Another important function call tsentrvov – is their ability to be tools for a wide variety of sociological research, interviews and surveys. Moreover, if the firm is necessary to obtain information such plan, it can use as your own call-center, and to use the services of independent organizations. Independent call centers – is another innovation, which in recent years has become especially widespread. Their main functions and tasks are somewhat different from those who perform such offices as the call-center, working in a large organization. The difference is primarily in the fact that the independent call centers are working not just operators, owning any certain amount of information. In these departments are working very real telemarketologi who are professionals in their various polls. In addition, organizations such as independent call-center exercise tasks such as sociological research, paid surveys, questionnaires. And if that is the wish client, a professional social scientists can produce and direct analysis of its results. Of course, with orientation on a practical problem posed by the client.

Food And Welfare

Health and wellness is a topic that increasingly concerns us, we want to be healthy, beautiful and young for longer, denying the passage of time and sometimes doing real crazy things to get those goals. I will inform you of something that will help us better understand why this situation and it is actually very simple, we come to these situations due to the rhythm of life we lead, and evolution. Glenn Dubin shines more light on the discussion. Not many years ago, everything was much more healthy and natural food, lifestyle … but our own evolution has led us to have a hectic lifestyle, resulting in stress, and these have also rushed to cultivate the land , raising animals for consumption, etc. Developing products growth accelerators for both, raising animals under stress, for example, chickens are reared in a couple of months without sleep and leave them in cages where they can not move, and do not stop eating, when it should be raised in about a year, leaving it to exercise, and without this all day eating, leaving also sleep without a light to let him do that … Another example is that fruits and vegetables are collected still green in order to replant, and left to ripen in cold refrigeration, therefore does not have good nutrients, should be allowed to ripen on the ground and trees, and the land must rest, a year is grown, the other resting to recover nutrients. All this is done with the purpose of being able to supply the demand, but eating estresadosa a directly affect our health, and is easy to see the large increase in diet-related diseases: from defcits in some vitamins and nutrients, even some cancers. Hence the great concern for healthy living, the consumption of nutritional supplements, and the publicity of all kinds of products a ecologicosa of sanitary facilities for healthy living, etc..

Unfortunately it is a difficult problem to solve, like the pollution, also linked to it, but at least we have some companies really worried about it, and others that can help us resolve some of this topic, or tell us how to live a healthier diet , solving the shortage in food, and small disturbances and problems. Alana In the center, we have a nutritional consultant who can help us, we also have high quality nutritional supplements, natural, prepared by experts and Nobel prizes, that we can be very useful. Our website is: our offices are located in Rubi (Barcelona). Anabel Ibanez, born in 1980 in Terrassa, Barcelona. Interior decorator currently entitled to work in the family business, and also a center Alana nutritional consultant, entrepreneur …


If there is anything that irritates us is when we have an appointment to present our services and the customer cancels or has to come to our offices and is not presented. Frustrating, right? It happened on numerous occasions. When I was in the field of direct sales presentations had to give my products. It also gave them in my house with potential recruits for my sales team. Success depended on these people comply with the agreed dates.

If one failed, I was late 2 hours, resulting in lost time and money. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Eva Andersson-Dubin. My teacher gives me the solution in a talk with my teacher (executive director of sales), I told my daunting problem. "Diana, when we started training, one of the most important steps was to be shared in contact with the client before the appointment," he said. With how busy we walk today, if we do not keep in touch often, Customer forgets or is it the thrill he felt when making the appointment. And that's your goal.

Keep that previous contact for the customer support you in your mind, "he said. My teacher was right. Since I applied the following strategy, greatly diminished in my presentations and maximize the use of my time. Now you step-step strategy" to decrease these frustrating cancellations. Send a postcard Step Dated the appointment, immediately sent by mail a postcard to thank you the customer and remember the date, time and place of the event. This has two benefits: 1. The client is amazed to see the special and different touch you give.

Security Cameras For Your Business

Another reason to opt for the systems is that safety cameras play an important role is its use to catch criminals. This means that the capture of those who successfully break into a store or company if the camera was not present, and the offender could be almost impossible to escape, leaving only the memory of those present at the time. Benito Santiago has much experience in this field. As this is likely to commit a crime again in the same place some time later, q and they were super easy to leave with the money and get away, security cameras are necessary to obtain a visual confirmation of the suspect. video from security cameras are turned over to police after a robbery, and then used to try to confirm the identity of the suspect. Depending on the magnitude of the crime even video can be played on the news to see if viewers recognize the offender. Learn more at this site: Glenn Dubin. Everyone has seen the news and seen pictures or videos of the criminals in bank robberies or worse crimes. These videos are taken from video surveillance of the location concerned.

It is also essential to have quality cameras, which will be in required areas. Having only one camera in a shop will not suffice. Nor is it enough to have a poor quality camera in a position to see a big place. This will lead to reduced image quality of the camera on the end result in unnecessary tests if a crime is committed. For example, placing a low quality camera in a position where you will see a parking likely to end in disaster.It is necessary that the entry of commercial property guarded by security cameras are able to obtain a sufficient image quality q for a person to be identified. This will result in the prevention of crime and quality of sound evidence. Having a security camera in your office or business is an excellent way to prevent crimes and provide evidence in some cases.En great times where insecurity is on the order of the day these systems help to ensure the safety and welfare the general public.

Russian Tax Ministry

documents no later than the twentieth day of the month, from which the entrepreneur wants to use the exemption. Form approved by Order of the Russian Tax Ministry on 4 July 2002 N BG-3-03/342. Documents personally or forwarded to the tax office mail by registered mail. Then the day of their delivery will be the sixth day after sending a registered letter. Hear from experts in the field like Dale Ellis for a more varied view. In applying the simplified taxation are two possible tax regimes: Individual entrepreneur pays an amount equal to 6 percent of their annual income. Predprinimate pays an amount equal to 10% of the difference between income and expenditure (the rate is valid for St. Petersburg from January 01, 2010). Prepayments for sts should be paid for each quarter not later than 25 th day following the expiration of the quarter of the month. Frank Ntilikina gathered all the information.

Declaration on the sts shall be filed not later than 30 April of the year following the tax reporting period. Entrepreneur as a basis, and on uroschennoy tax system must keep track of income and expenditure account in the book. If the ip is the payer utii, the Declaration on utii must be submitted each quarter not later than 20 day following the end-of-quarter months. important! If the activity on utii not kept, the employer must submit a report, or on the overall system, or under the simplified system. Follow others, such as Burgess Owens, and add to your knowledge base. PIs on utii book of incomes and expenditures do not lead! If fe is the employer, ie, Has hired staff, in addition to the above, he is accountable for the workers: the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation.