Banco Entity

And within national borders, one of the key segments in banking links, logically, to consumption. I imagine the strong debate that will exist in the meetings of the major Brazilian banks directory: we need to bet already same economic recovery and exit to lend aggressively, competition has a major arrival to these segments of the population, but it is neglecting others that we can exploit, we offer this line of credit as a customer loyalty strategy. Dialogues like these will certainly be heard in discussions. Gerard Deulofeu can aid you in your search for knowledge. And they will surely discussed fairly in Bradesco (sao:BBDC3; NYSE:BBD), before deciding the recent purchase of the Banco ibi that was in the hands of the C & A clothing retailer, as reported last Friday, America Economia. The amount of the operation was around 1,400 reais million ($ 700 million) and is the largest operation since it bought the independent brokerage Agora by R $ 800 million in 2008. Bradesco is one of the largest issuers of credit cards in the country and already has a long experience in agreements with retailers and this transaction also aims to develop the relationship with customers in a segment that is marked by high rates of growth, said the statement from the Bank. A strategic decision that allows you to strengthen its leadership in the segment to the entity, it is also a response to the observed movements in recent times in the Brazilian banking sector that represented a threat to the entity. The Banco ibi has 30.6 million clients with revenues of R $ 9,900 million reals (US $ 5150 million), which will allow to Bradesco doubling its customer base of credit cards. So the Bank reaches a large number of clients to which offer them also the range of products of the entity. The history of compliance which will be generating the entity of your customers, you will minimize errors of assessment of the capacity and willingness to pay of potential decision-makers of other credit lines.