Belohnens Leader

It is also to ensure that it is always consistent and disciplined on the ball. It You should see a consistent attitude towards the dog. Place the dog on the sofa or bed is examples first. This should be always forbidden for the dog. Higher courts must apply the rank so the leader of the Pack. It’s hard to know why he allowed up if he was just bathed and dried in order to cuddle with humans, and then again, not when he’s dirty and wet dog. Outside should also always be next, that the leader of the Pack is the command and says where he runs in which speed and where exactly. Here is the leader of the Pack runs out.

Also the consequence of the Belohnens and Bestrafens must be clearly defined. If the dog has done something right, then he must in immediate consequence will be rewarded or later age then praised. “Here is still to say that should be avoided, that the dog unnecessary” Gets a tasty treat. The dog should only get this if he has done something right, otherwise, the authority of the leader of the rudder is here again undermined and the dog begged to his rank. A further and more important point is, the pecking order at dinner. The people and then the dog eat first. Also, it should be noted how the dog behaves when you take away time that food. When he accepted the order of precedence you can’t be sure of his position.

If he growls or snaps even, which is a clear violation of the order of precedence and must necessarily change anything. In the same proportions, keeping consistency of course also applies to the punishing. Here, a direct contact of humans and animals but should be avoided. Show so do not strike and in the loud roar at him down his disposition blare, but point of failure-and call for silent sitting.These behavior patterns be trained actually in the puppy’s age and if since then no systematic training has been carried out it is difficult to change something in the later age.You should respect but the classic and the modern methods of education on a quiet and simple consequence as leader of the Pack. At the latest Dog education method, there are also gadgets which help to train a correct behavior of the dog. It is absolutely necessary to create an optimal and secure leadership on the day but two methods of education.