Comtec Projektmanagement UG

Members of junior Comtec elect new Board for the financial year 2011/2012 on Wednesday, July 06, 2011 held the election of the Board of Directors, as well as the quality manager of junior Comtec Darmstadt e.V. for the year 2011/2012. In addition, junior Comtec Projektmanagement UG directors were elected (limited liability). The first part, the continuing deep into the night General Assembly, voted four changes of the rules of the Association. Subsequently the previous boards of Benedict moved a resume of their term of Office for the second half of the financial year 2010/2011 for this sweeping, Frank Hertkorn and Moritz Andert, as well as the quality manager Sven Piller each Board member gave a presentation about his when took office targeted objectives and results at the end of the term, where the conclusion was positive. Late hour it was as outgoing Executive Vice President for finance and legal then Moritz Andert, the financial report of the Association the assembled members presented and reported in detail about the financial events of the Association. In the second part new candidates for the executive offices of the financial year 2011/2012 in the context of a presentation introduced themselves and explained their strategic aims and objectives for the upcoming term.

In an exciting choice, the new Board of junior Comtec Darmstadt e.V., the quality manager and the Managing Director was elected junior Comtec Projektmanagement UG limited liability. The new Board of Directors is composed of Maximilian Muller (Vice President Marketing & networks), Sebastian Fietz (Director of personnel), Patrick said (Board of finance & law) and Karsten Spiekermann, who will assume the Office of the quality Manager. In addition the junior Comtec Darmstadt UG were elected the 01.08.2011 said with the new managers (limited liability) Karsten Spiekermann and Patrick. All candidates accepted the election so that the evening after a nearly seven-hour session one successful conclusion found. Finally, we want Benedict broom, Frank Hertkorn, Moritz Andert and Sven Piller again thank for their commitment and outstanding work in the past year and wish the new board a similarly successful as an eventful year.