Constitutional Court

This article is the one that caused that the heir of the King is prince Felipe and not their first-born, infant Elena. This reform would have to be approved by the most complex route when affecting to a basic institution of the Spanish State. " To make specific the system of autonomas" it is a question slope in the Constitution, according to Manuel Sanchez de Diego, a professor of Constitutional Right in the University of Alcala of Madrid, " when one became, was not hoped that the Independent Communities were 17, but would be many less. Some think that to include the names of the Communities also it is fundamental, although the professor considers less important than to make specific questions like the competitions or the organization of the communities. " Also some article would have to be included that guarantees the right to the public information or to include and to detail of more explicit form the protection of data " like fundamental right, Sanchez proposes de Diego. The last provoked controversies on the Constitutional Court, their renovation and its competitions, also have made reframe themselves to this expert in Right if would have to review it to see what it has worked well and what has worked badly. The forecasts Mariano Rajoy, the leader of the PP, have supported propose Constitutional reform by the Government.

Therefore, the 3/5 required in both Cameras for the reform by the simple route the PP deputies of (152 benches) and those of the PSOE would be completed without problems thanks to the sum of (169 benches). Same L or would happen in the Senate, where the PP shows 124 benches and the PSOE 102 senators. Consequently, they could complete the 156 required votes. With respect to the settled down proceedings and terms, Jose Bond has warned the parliamentary groups of which they must present/display a text this same week if they try to realise the constitutional reform before the general elections of the 20 of November. In spite of this short period of time, the text on the possible constitutional reform is very advanced. Even so, professor Sanchez de Diego is skeptic that he can be approved in this legislature because has very just a short time and the complex proceedings are . Source of the news: What steps are due to follow to reform the Constitution?