Reminder of a people the year badly started and saw to rains to devastarem families and dreams in seconds. We also saw the speech of authorities where said that everything would go to decide itself fastest possible. Fastest possible, it is the phrase that echoes in the hope of the people who had passed and that until today they live the trauma of this catastrophe that occurred this year, last year and the previous ones, therefore still they yearn for in reconstructing its forgotten houses and its dreams abandoned for a promise that if delays to fulfill. People who had had that to learn to live, to survive, to recommence of the zero, being discovered true the meaning of solidarity and the love to the next one. For this people, fastest possible she never seems to arrive! Now we saw to the eves of the carnival, that is most beautiful of the parties that occur during the year for the people of the River, Brazil and the world, a lamentable disaster, saw the fire to consume in minutes the work of one of our dear schools of samba. It was one morning of I fight for the people of Rio De Janeiro! one more time we are seeing the speech of authorities, saying that everything goes to decide itself fastest possible, therefore the spectacle cannot stop. All people Carioca, without shades of doubts, agrees that spectacle not can to stop, and there that the schools have that to parade with all magic and esplendor that the world sings and enchants, therefore in the avenue during some minutes, do not parade only one school of samba, also parade the dreams and joys of men, women and children, who yearn for a better life and a world more just to live themselves. It is an only moment, where do not survive to the personal vanities, is where the opposites if they find the black and the white, the yellow and the red, rich and the poor person, the doctor and the illiterate, valley for its art is where the human being! But on behalf of all the people who amongst as many disasters, had lost its houses, its dignities and had had its conturbados dreams, and that exactly thus they long for the happiness of a pretty carnival for all, on behalf of this, I clamo the GOD so that the phrase ‘ ‘ fastest possvel’ ‘ pronounced for our governing, it is not the same used phrase in previous situations.

in the hope that of this time this phrase occasions the waited effect, we will be waiting the effect of it in the life of all the people reached for the devastaes of rains. Therefore as well as the spectacle it cannot stop in the Sapuca, for these people and all those that if find the edge of the society, the education, the health, the dreams, the hope and the life also cannot stop.