Floating, Floating Relaxation!

From science to the wellness – floating accompanied people for decades, even if it was not originally intended for wellness. As in the 1950ger, John C. Lilly years developed an isolation tank, no one thought intended this as a gift for women to use, let alone because for therapeutic measures or the wellness area. It should examine the activity of the brain under the influence of the lack of incentives. After the properties and relaxation moments, a person in the State of weightlessness could feel this way, supporters were of the esoteric movement as such as John Lennon enthusiastic users of development now called Samadhi-tank, which experienced a comeback only in the 80s years as psycho-tank, especially among students who tried to dismantle among exam nerves, in subsequent years. The user of the present time with those of the past decades have something in common: describe any relaxation in the floating tank as the promotion of creativity, deep relaxation and striking experience. Today a variety of application areas for the float, where ten litres of water 7 kg magnesium sulfate lead the State of weightlessness is achieved and the go down is impossible.

The benefits in the wellness area are obvious. By relieving the pressure points of the body a completely new body feeling adjusts itself within a very short time, during the State of transition of the be awake to sleep is similar to and vibrates the brain at a lower frequency. This transmitted Theta waves, which cause the body to react, allowing a deeper relaxation than other relaxation methods can set only on the important stimuli. Because wellness largely serves to preserve health, relaxation in the floating welcome is tank as a supportive measure in the pain as also physiotherapy. Especially people with back pain, permanent tension or rheumatism patients can already notice relief of symptoms from the first application. For floating Beginners also the possibility to experience deep relaxation in a floating pool, thus feel the sensory deprivation not as too extreme. Whether as a gift for women, with a medical background or simply to relax, float is fun! Simply put, it’s like a drug with feel-good factor! Marco DCosta