Gabriel Method

The Gabriel method answers us extensively the question you would like I can lose weight fast and safely? Gabriel explains that our bodies have a switch that determines our weight. Ignore the internal logic of our bodies has the potential to condemn us to be obese’s lifetime. Some tricks in order to turn off the fat switch are: 1. be sure to include the right foods in your diet so that your body can count with the necessary nutrients. The food that we eat today has been processed so that it no longer counts with the vast majority of the original nutrients. This makes your body creates there is scarcity of food and the FAT mechanism activated. One of the main reasons why diets don’t work is that your body responds in the same way when he refrains from eating.

Jon Gabriel discusses this topic in more detail in his book the Gabriel method. 2. Drink water more often. Your body often desperately needed water and instead provide you with what you need, people confuse this with cravings and end up eating instead. This has its logic in that many foods in their original form contain water, so when the body is dehydrated, sends signals of hunger, in order to obtain water through food. Try to drink water before meals and on any occasion that it be provided with a craving. The frequency with which the sensation of hunger decreases by drinking water 3 is amazing. Be creative when it comes to exercising: choose a series of exercises that can be performed virtually anywhere.

There is one small technique that helps you achieve the best possible results: trot at normal pace for 10 minutes, then run with all their forces for 30 seconds as if someone or something was chasing it, then repeat the same process. This gives your primitive brain the sense of danger and convinces him that to survive you needed to be thin. The Gabriel method is extremely effective and has scientific backing, in addition, it has the advantage that the changes offered are usually permanent since it promotes a change of habits instead of diets. Discover the Gabriel method.