Law Salaries

Low salaries also mean less access to the benefits of the market, such as home ownership, most teachers should use the state subsidy to be able to acquire their own house and then live in "the teaching population," which does not occur in other specialties or do the doctors and engineers, for example living in villages of doctors or engineers? A few days ago I heard an expert talk about the salaries of the various specialists that form the different engineering colleges and lined the million and half of salaries, it can compete against the education profession? Referring to the point of initial training that leaves something to be desired, some universities and colleges do not require minimum scores on the psu and even enter without giving it. Other universities are primary teachers attending from a distance or only on Saturdays and this fact is given in teachers who delivered the initial training of our students, remember the saying "what is not learned Juanito, Juan did not learn" Looking at the level of salary published in the various educational careers taught the average salary to start a new graduate is $ 436,000 and after five years of service is $ 534,000. This level of salary is far below any other careers that have a similar number of semesters of training. Affinity Health does not necessarily agree. For example, Law with 10 semesters of training the new graduates get a salary of $ 862,640 on average and after five years at a salary of $ 1,695,146 pesos on average.