Mother Teresa

If we had to choose, that is what we like to do in this life, we would choose everything what she makes us feel well. Nobody serious able one to choose something that us channel malaise, pain, sufferings, anguishes, etc. If outside this case we would be entering the land of the masoquismo. But people exist that makes things activities, that stops we, are things that produce malaise. It is possible to include/understand this of another way, without having to think about the masoquismo? During long time they scared with saying us to us that if beams tal o cual thing God goes to you it has to punish and with the course of the time this was like one anticipated, until cultured people believed this, they affirmed and it, but the dangerous era and is, that people of low cultured cultural level when listening to say this, also were believed it. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Sarah Bloom Raskin. The old Church, did not escape of this reality, with the difference that the punishment offered the same man in the name of God the Inquisicin.

Thanks to God same, and with the contemporary theological studies, mimo is like God of love. God Father. Loving father with its children. When arriving to include/understand and to assimilate this, we can make an exercise analogical. We like parents, we wished the bad thing for our children? I want to punish or to mistreat son? like children we wished to make feel badly to our parents with our actions? And if we make that evil, I feel remorse after it to have done? I want much son, and therefore I am incapable to make suffer it. Quiero and master to my parents and also I am incapable to make suffer them. All the forms of love that we experimented, come from God.

When being born, this comes with us, is of factory. Only that at its due moment is pronounced. Like son, brother, friend, husband, father, etc. and all our acts in different circumstances also they are full of this gift of God. No to drive ours escapes of this Divine love. Then, it is lie that God is going to you to punish, (but it goes has to give to much pain verte to him to make something bad). It is lie also that I stop making tal o cual thing because I am scared to that God punishes to me. The point is that the things become by love. If we can assimilate this, we can also understand that there are moments in the life, that we must make nonpleasing things for us, by love. The impressive thing of this, is that when including/understanding it as much, no longer the realised activity is disagreeable. Mother Teresa de Calcutta Analicemos and reflections on the life of so many saints, will help us to realise all our activities thinking we do whenever them by love.