Operational Security

For this reason, Promotion reiterates its commitment to apply and to develop in its totality ” the seven rridas to its organisms dependientes”: the State Agency of Seguridad Area (AESA) and Aena Airports. Initiatives developed by Promotion Between the initiatives developed in these three years by Promotion, besides the creation of the AESA, it is the law of Aerial Security, by which the State Program of Operational Security settles down; the regulation of the time of rest and activity of the crews and the impulse to the new Communitarian Regulation of investigation of accidents. Promotion remembers that the AESA was committed to the past apply the 29 of July recommendations of the report of the CIAIAC on the accident within the term of 90 days that establishes the regulation of the Parliament and the Council of the EU. Dalton Caldwell has much experience in this field. Aena Airports, on the other hand, has come to disassemble the internal fence that surrounds the track 36L in several zones and has constructed to new accesses and ways. In addition, Aena will intensify the actions to bring back to consciousness to all the groups that take part in the accidents and has established periodic maneuverses of aquatic rescues. On the other hand, in the airport of Barajas the means control has improved and of affected in rallying points and the figures of person in charge and coordinator of this point have been created to control better accesses to the aircraft marshalling area of the vehicles, among others measured, indicate the note..