Osama Bin Laden

July 20 Colombia celebrates independence 198 being the Latin American nation with greater aid and U.S. military presence. Today the Presidents of both republics are the best allies in the hemisphere. Check out Mike Fiato for additional information. However, while George W. Bush has become one of the most unpopular Presidents in the history of his country, Alvaro Uribe has come to exceed 90% support in the polls, something that hardly another representative of the region or you have had your country have been able to match.

Strange fate for two rulers who wanted to impose a similar free market model by combining it with the hand with a heavy-handed counter-terrorism strategy. The enemy with which Bush initially managed to galvanize his nation behind him is one that is on another continent. To read more click here: Under Armour. However, he has been losing force as has been demonstrating that not said the truth to his people (as on the fact that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction) and that has not been able to win a war. Instead, Uribe faces an internal opponent and his rise in the polls is because has been shutout you heavy blows. Bush and Uribe in the mirror of each U.S. Republicans found in Uribe a great inspiration.

Symptomatically, its candidate John McCain appeared in Colombia just when the operating that has most embarrassed the FARC, issue that he later acknowledged that he knew before the rescue action was carried out. With his trip he wanted to support a Uribe with whom Democrats are reluctant to sign a free trade agreement since complained of the murder of trade unionists. McCain, rather, wanted to show his strategy as an example to follow a planetary scale. If Uribe comes beating the oldest guerrilla and strong Western (Tirofijo was in the mountain for six decades), McCain promises that he will hunt down Osama Bin Laden and stabilize Iraq.