The main contribution, and positive, of driving coup participant of that then (1.945) is that it promulgates the universal, direct and secret vote for the Venezuelans majors of 18 years, and practical and sharp way the Presidency of the Republic undermines the continuismo to impose candidates, caudillista modality in use like electoral system from 1.830 (then Medina Angarita it walked in it). It is no wonder MPJ turns out obstinate to evade of the caudillista paradigm, evolving towards its dictatorial original condition, having in except any measurement that gave cover to the popular will and to more democratic practices, not even concerning those in whose approval he himself participated in some way, referring us to his taking of part in the overthrow of Medina Angarita and to the later reforms practiced by the Meeting. It can be presumed, in addition, that MPJ participated in important feeling that it oriented the commission of the coup d’etat against Medina Angarita: the compensation of the military symbolism, humiliated by civilians.

The fast return of Medina Angarita and Lopez Contreras, that had left to I exile, makes therefore it think. The bourgeoisie, from the beginning affects the dictatorship, ended up supporting its overthrow, mainly because the fiscal crisis of the government affected the banking economic sector, commercial and industrial. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Data for Progress. The government had difficulties to pay to those who had become employees of their payments. The Church trasluca an opposite position to the regime. That is to say, for the end of 1,957 only one civic-military power group unconditionally supported the dictator, and was the opposition a conglomerate of social sectors: political, working parties, farmers, students, the military and great part of the middle-class. The conspiracy and fall: spirit of revolution and unit 1,957, December: From the outside (New York) one inquires into the creation of a committee to overthrow the Dictatorship, integrated by Rmulo Betancourt, Rafael Caldera and Gustavo Machado; inner and in secrecy, PCV and URD initiate the constitution of a Meeting Patriotic for the same effect, to which soon AD and COPEI would be added..