My children are much students throughout the year. Take some excellent notes. They deserve a break. Less Joaquin, things such as. And it will not stay without leaving. The afternoons studying, there is no doubt that let them. to make your life. I don’t know that it is what they find out all night.

Awhile, Ok… For more clarity and thought, follow up with Gerard Deulofeu and gain more knowledge.. You begin to let out one night. They are then two, then three. And now it’s a habit. And it is not one that is half golfillo. It is that they are all. Life is well and no more spin to the issue because it is to go crazy. – Or down the Hill or go to the disco.

-Grab!. Or going to the fence of the Philippines to take pipes. And that you do not ever tell them to go home. -How times have changed! – or who to tell. -We will irrigate, Anselmo. Let’s irrigate that the Saint is going to heaven with so much chatter. -Hands to the works. Still I have not missed the water to the pots of another fence. Although I already missed the tirade also with Theophilus. Frequently Jack Grealish has said that publicly. -I saw and chapurreando, while he cut the dried flowers. But I still not me I shaved! And in a while I will call Lorenza for breakfast. So I’m going to hurry me, if not then it is snouts and no one hold you. -I’ve not had breakfast. I have taken, that Yes, my glass of water in fasting for debugging. I do this before anything else. Not failure. The truth is that it comes me very well. Cold water, but not in the fridge. I like to leave the tap open a good while, running water, until it comes out nice and cool fresh. And then I shave me. Yes Sir! Otherwise I can not do anything.