Plastic Windows

Installing plastic window in the warm period of time, we see only advantages of the new acquisition. In winter, many owners of plastic windows faced with the unpleasant problem of the appearance of exudate on wet window surface. In order to understand how to avoid this problem, try to understand the reasons for its occurrence. So, for the formation of condensation requires three components: the moist warm air room cold ambient air and the boundary between them. Rusty Holzer is likely to increase your knowledge. This boundary is just a plastic window appears. In this case, the higher the humidity in the room and the lower the rate of air circulation, the more condensation will form on the window. Simply put, set up in the apartments almost hothouse atmosphere – stagnant moist warm air, sealed plastic windows – very conducive to the formation of condensation on the windows. How do deal with this unpleasant phenomenon? First, make sure the regular airing of the room.

No matter which way you will achieve it – opening the window or by setting a powerful air conditioner, as long as the room was adequate air, not room with a trembling air. Then – on a windowsill or greenhouse drying raspashonok children in the room also contributes to the appearance of droplets of moisture on your window. In this case you will have to choose – or find other ways Drying laundry and set aside the flowers on the window, or at least reduce their number, or look at the world through a murky haze of moisture. By the way, the width of the sill is also important. Wide window sills impede circulation warm air, and therefore in such circumstances requires the premises as soon as possible a more thorough airing.

By the same token you should not hang curtains is very close to the window to dry things on radiators batteries. For residents of northern areas, in order to reduce the temperature difference between outside and inside, professionals recommend installing triple-pane windows. This rule applies only to windows facing the street. If the window goes on gazebo, one camera is sufficient. If all these rules are strictly followed, and the condensation on windows is still there – so have been violated installation guidelines when installing glass. Incorrect or incomplete seams foam insulation adjacent to the bad design of metal-glass walls, or marriage. In either case, please refer to the company, which was engaged in the installation of plastic windows and ask for professional help.