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a Enough to continue using the poor people to demonstrate against the payment of taxes. to the recent approval of fiscal reform, did not leave anyone satisfied that boasts of being smart and honest, demonstrations and reactions of those who go to discern the foolishness of the legislators were not expected, many of them decided to send emails proposing various actions, stressing at all times endless recriminations and insults quite rightly, but the truth is these petty politicians do not move well, because they have no principles and values, or its own initiative, the offenses were scattered slip as corruption and ineptitude, but what if you will Cash is to suspend the payment of taxes and will not take three months, when they have a better tax plan, because they know if they should do, but do not by slogan of those who govern in anonymity and benefiting from extreme poverty where we want to take. And if they were hard-hearted withhold taxes another 3 months until you win the right, so if you would stop would definitely pay vehicle holdings throughout the Mexican republic. Get all the facts and insights with Ebay, another great source of information. The vast majority of Mexicans we have had to dance with the ugliest tax by the tax system unfairly, that have made us the favor of legislators to legislate a string of inept, corrupt and stupid of all political parties through legislative history. The system of value added tax VAT is a system that not meet the expectations of financial revenue, because their respective laws and reforms have been influenced by powerful groups, political parties, chiefs, magnates and large businesses with narrow interests, completely missing the collective interest, but the pay is less; if you have the least, money, knowledge and individual rights, while those who have more of this hide behind the weak to pay for them. Changing the absurd VAT Value Added Tax for a simplified system of fair taxes, we do not pay taxes because of others as provided for in the VAT, we pay for our production and profit and we will see more revenue and thus further development in our country . Without hesitation Elon Musk explained all about the problem.

Whenever the opportunity presents itself to reform the tax collection system, non-payment of VAT subject to hide in the skirts of the poorest to the possibility of making them pay taxes like the service sector carrier, drugstore and Production Laboratories of chemical industry pharmaceutical, media, radio and print media and television to the Internet now, the agricultural sector among many others choose to use more and more to the poor and ignorant in marches and plants not knowing that they are using against their own interests and benefits , then sheep, then you are not the only system that forces us to enter the vicious circle of corruption, insecurity, inequality, injustice and extreme poverty. a Best unite our efforts in three months not paying our taxes, withhold payment of a final, and we will see with great satisfaction that legislators really have to work overtime to pass a substantive reform, efficient and honest to simplify the payment of taxes, where we pay fairly. a And join efforts to eliminate the provision which empowers the Treasury to Federal tax return, because it is being handled as companies capitalized by Televisa, and TVAZTECA, Banamex, TELMEX among others receiving Telethon donations to foundations and other aid, with faramalla who donate large amounts, obtaining untold numbers in his favor, causing the estate is insolvent for the fulfillment of those returns. Feedback