Quality Of Life

When looking at how to promote the improvement of the quality of life when relating significantly the internal world and the external one, propitiating the recognition and development of potentials, the self-knowledge, the significant learning and the growth psquico’ ‘ (ARCURI, 2006, P. 79; 80). Zion Williamson may not feel the same. In ‘ ‘ Autopercepo’ ‘ , the subjects had been: Colors and forms; Playing with the directions; Drawing in the dark one; The papers of my life; You in poster, and deep Figure and. We use fil, ink gouache, diverse wax chalk, papers, glue, shears, tray of cardboard, posters of film, pencil of color and leves A3 and A4. The moment age of taking of conscience with regard to the papers that exert in the personal and professional life: ‘ ‘ I felt me a dancer dancing with fil, the child who not fui’ ‘. According to Rhyne, (2000, P. 38): ‘ ‘ The majority of us, at the moment where we are considered adult and mature, already forgot as to be itself mesmo’ ‘. The rescue of the child is presentificado in the suggested activity and the sharpened perceptions more: ‘ ‘ with the meeting I am knowing itself better, I go to transfer this bitter taste and to change my life, my skill of ser’ ‘.

It is the art as expression possibility, facilitating the self-knowledge and the wakening of the conscience, contributing so that significant changes they can occur. Literally ‘ ‘ to the flower of pele’ ‘ hipertenso lives, in the limit of its forces, with the heart: ‘ ‘ I go of corao’ ‘. Perhaps either this the reason of the great evasion of the group, therefore is to move in very difficult things for them: ‘ ‘ it hurts me very to this, I lost the identity profissional’ ‘ ; ‘ ‘ so mother, mezona, that I am mother of the mother.