To those who share with me their thoughts, my close complicity in a same opinion. To those who disagree with them, my sincere respect and my consideration. To those who I’ve contributed to start the search for the way of overcoming, my most lit encouragement to undertake the effort with tenacity. To those who believe that they have already succeeded, my recommendation of relativization. To those who lack motivations to continue, my suggestion to tackle life with planning targets. Those who only see shadows in a uncertain horizon, my proposal not to delay her appearance.

To who has not yet been reconciled with his person and their situation, my understanding that it is not the same acceptance than resignation. To those who laugh visit them little, my more phoney joke. To those who only crying is a memory, my wishes for greater emotion. Those children who their children, my confession of being one of them even almost man. To those who enjoy love, my conviction that There is no better medication. To those who always see life from the station, my suggestion for that run to catch the last wagon.

To those who live life knowing that almost never is possible all the best, my same experience peppered with all sorts of situation. To those who are still them known enemies, my proposition of forgiveness. Those who already want not to wait any longer to make the decisions that are missing from your life, my support to his courage and his reaction. To those who think that all this only applies in these short days of winter and holiday, my gift of a calendar which does not distinguish dates to live with commitment and determination. To those who still believe in a better world, my call to unite to contribute to their salvation. Those who still all this seems little, my absence of a better solution. Antonio j.