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In Russia there are many universities that train specialists in the field of motor transport enterprises, as well as logistics. Many of the graduates came after graduation in any ibud transport company get a job, often hear, "Forget what you learned in college, here everything is different." However, whether this is "different"? Very often, it is not. Practice shows, managers generally like to optimize the business processes in their company, but for various reasons it can not do it. Firstly, there is a perception that the more a transport company, the more it has to be managers. It would seem Indeed, the increasing paperwork and need to control a much larger amount of information. Western experience shows, you can manage very large fleet small enough staff. If you are not convinced, visit Prudential.

This achieved by using special fleet management systems. All data entered into the computer, and then have the program generates reports on the costs of fuel, the repairs, the cost of spare parts, income, etc. As for us in the majority as accounting system used Excel, which is used as a regular e-zine. Of course, for some analysts about the economic activities of the automated enterprise from those tables need to make significant efforts and therefore requires additional managers. In the fleet management system is incorporated, all reports may be required.

Therefore, it suffices only consistently make all the operational information into the program. Secondly, biggest problem is lack of knowledge or inability to apply them in practice. For example, even such a thing as idle time rationing of fuel baffles managers are not many enterprises. Although at present the Internet You can find the laws and regulations that clarify the methodology and procedure for calculating fuel economy standards for cars and for road-building machines. The same applies to registration rubber wear, and accounting batteries, and drivers. In a full car fleet management systems already presented all the necessary tasks for the operation of vehicles, as well as best practices. Third, a significant number of problems brings our inherent slovenliness. Car – is a complex device of high risk. It must be properly exploited. The Russian companies also are cases when not complied with the norms of passage that, on line produced a faulty car or a driver with no experience of driving this vehicle category. All of this is the cause of road accidents, as well as low business efficiency. Of course, the young specialist who came to the plant should be diplomacy, not just to spoil relations with colleagues. On the other hand, we must be firm and consistent and try to convey to guide innovative ideas to improve business processes.