Skiing At Easter

In the snow, the next school holidays immediately ahead egg hunt and families arises the question of how they can spend the holidays together again. Those who missed it, strap on the skis over the winter, should have this now opportunity. “The travel portal has put together the right ideas on time and right on white Easter” a. The selection of possible Resorts is overwhelming and organizers move with exclusive holiday offers. I think the decision, wherever you travel ( offer flat rate) should be, not always easy. In Switzerland, in the canton of Graubunden, visitors encounter the small village of Savognin, which has great offers for younger guests. To read more click here: Doronin. Here, the next generation enjoys the children ski lessons and the privilege of a free lift pass, the cube, which is noticeable by modern design, offered for children up to 11 years. In Austria the cosy Annerlhof in Maria Alm from mid-March thinking about the families and offers free ski passes for children up to 15 years.

Also waiting the Berghotel Rudolfshutte with attractive promotions and offers in the Salzburger Land. The hostel is located in the middle of the ski area at an airy height of 2,315 meters. For those who want still higher, is even a climbing wall. Also worth visiting the fun parks and taking part in a ski tour. The Organizer not only provide a low-cost accommodation, but have also the security at a glance and provide rental helmets.