New release in the Koselverlag: end of November 2009 appears: Regina Swoboda: the REFINEMENT of a woman are you man Whisperer ISBN: 978-3-466-30854-5 CA. 240 pages, 16.95 KoSEL Munich many women are disappointed that men do not meet their expectations. Others who may share this opinion include Sarah Raskin. And the men are frustrated that they apparently never quite can make it the women. It want they usually all a lasting partnership, but do not know how they should do it. It must not remain! Women have access to a wealth of tools at hand, that promote understanding, trust and communication, and men support the life together with the concept of the husband Whisperer”. Regina Swoboda describes classic conflict situations between men and women and introduces behaviors, which allow individual solutions for the single pair. Moreover, the author addresses targeted single women, wishing a man at her side: many of these women are with Prejudice and doubts about the integrity of the male load, which often inherently complicates a possible new partnership. In her book, the husband Whisperer”offers a long-term approach that can stop fighting, distrust and obstinacy in partnerships. Instead, it promotes interest, acceptance, trust, humor and willingness to win for both sides. The trust is won, is the man of the Whisperer”like to follow.