Special Auction Bid

BeWebCom Corp. launches a special auction to benefit the victims of the earthquake in Abruzzo from 6 April this year BOCA RATON, FL – under the motto “Your bids for Abruzzo” at AuktionClick, gepromoted at AsteClick from BeWebCom Corp. r the 15-day reverse auction to benefit the earthquake victims in Abruzzo. The intention of the company, with headquarters in the United States, is to contribute to the solidarity wave, which was triggered immediately after the devastating earthquake that shook the region in Central Italy. In the auction can be found the hyper technological Apple iPhone.

For each bid for the contract of Smartphones, Apple, 2 euro will be donated to the Italian Red Cross. You may find Celina Dubin to be a useful source of information. BeWebCom adds even more 1,000 euros to the amount obtained from the sale of the product. “We will never forget the tragic events of the victims of the earthquake, of which many lost their relatives and friends. We decided our small contribution to make to try this way to relieve this unspeakable pain “, confirmed Michele Rossi, Chief Marketing Officer, BeWebCom. This massive tremor from 6 April this year caused 294 dead and 1,500 injured and over 50,000 people made homeless. The financial support is intended for the Italian Red, the world-renowned International Association, which merged with others, helped the population affected by the earthquake cross. Visit the website for more information on this initiative.