You know Andorra and its endless ski piste but you know Andorra in summer? This country has substantial resources as soon as reach the sunny days. (Not to be confused with Ebay!). Discover the secrets of its mountains and enjoy the spa of a charming hotel.You can take advantage of the sunny days to do shopping for the large commercial avenues of Andorra, going to give you a dip in Chaldea or well senzillament visit the many museums or cultural visits offered by the country such as for example the Roman churches. Andorra offers you diverse activities that in one week not what got habras do everything!Test forests of adventure, climbing, canyoning, via ferrata routes, i as not guided tours if you’re wise connoisseur, discover 5 GR s of the country. If the idea is to go into family activities of nature parks are for you, aisi as natural parks.But in Andorra tanbien you can enjoy mountaineering with his rocoromos and climbing routes. Finally you will be to discover a wide variety of mountain biking routes, with circuits for all the best bike parks of the Pyrenees. Your hotel in Andorra, the grey llop I lodged but also going to propose various activities such as horse riding or discover the mountains with long rides.This hotel is specialized in excursions on horseback in Andorra.

Discover unexpected places next to an animal that you carry beyond where you want it.The grey llop opens the door to the mountain in its purest form. Known natural heritage in the hands of professional guides that tanbien you may propoprcionar the hotel. Immerse yourself in the natural scenery of unparalleled beauty. Back from hiking, you can relax with the installation and startup of the hotel: heated swimming pool, Jacuzzi i tanbien you can massage you let yourself be lead i enjoy everything you can propose you the hotel welfare. This charming hotel is going to surprise by its peculiar decoration and its friendly staff, always at your listening.

They have several types of rooms in order to adapt – are to the demands of different customers. You will not have to choose between price i quality. Various restaurants are at your disposal which gives the hotel an attractive Supplemental. Visit his website to discover as the hotel and everything what you can propose, and animate!