Design Of Interiors

Economic decoration of home in summer Ideas to give a summery aspect him to its home without having to spend much money. To begin by the most chaotic room, than always usually is used, generally the kitchen or the living room. Not to think about making a transformation complete of the home; in its place, to try to simplify. To enjoy in the home of the simpleza of the summer colors and to extend those good summery moments by all the house. To see the life of rose color. To keep the bottles I am transparent and to fill up them with water of colors, to put a cork to them and to place them in the shelf of the windows so that the light of the sun shines through them.

Double decoration: to cover the marks of photos and rugs with a weave of alive colors for the summer; something easy to clear when it returns the winter. The fabric in stores of second hand or swap-meets can be looked for to ahrrar money, or to reuse old clothes like material. For the children: to frame and to hang the drawings of the children of clear primary colors. This is especially ideal for the kitchens of white color and it gives a touch them personnel who makes the house most special. To look for cheap carpets of wall to replace elements like eiderdowns or blankets and to give to color and texture.

To add a touch of clearer color to the room with a few simple cushions that break with the scheme of habitual color. For example, if there are many green dull ones in the room, to clearly put the cushions of a green apple. We need a picture great size to put on the sofa? To choose three summer colors that go or with the room and to obtain a board or DM of the suitable size; to apply a layer of primer to all the board, edges including and encintar three horizontal strips, so that the one of means it is narrower (it is necessary to make a strip every time). To paint the central strip with the clearest color, the superior with the palest color and, finally the inferior. Interesting, colorful, simple and cheap! Finally, to always bring to the interior something of outside during these warm months. To bring some cheap annual plants of a breeding ground and to use them as interior plants stop summer in a flowerpot of color clearly. To plant a few seeds of sunflower and the cosmos to secure piles of flowers with facility that can be cut and be taken to the interior of the house. If the gardening does not occur us well, we always can every week bring a handful of flowers of the supermarket, and divide them in several ramilletes smaller. To put them in floreros, sugar bowls or cups where it seems that it is necessary a touch of Romance color and. Design of Inner Interiors