WaslosVIDEO Community

waslos.de expands with new video platform waslosVIDEO: Nuremberg waslos.de community expands with new video platform, 02 March 2009 the new video platform in the online community is waslos.de now available under video.waslos.de can be reached. Under the title waslosVIDEO now every user can enrich his community life with individual video clips. This advanced waslos.de its existing offer to the possibility of their own clips upload, commenting on user contributions and to evaluate as well as within groups their own video networks to build. In addition users with the new Messenger service by waslos.de can discuss fast and direct videos. Waslos.de strengthens its free community service through a comprehensive video platform and the opportunity for members to share personal video streams just with friends and other members of the waslos.de. It presents itself waslosVIDEO, in a fresh design and improved operation. In addition to the wide range of user-generated articles, the content is complemented by editorial video clips. So that includes Spectrum of topics not only funny clips and self-made short films, also recorded by user events and latest movie trailers are available.

Thereby, making new contacts plays an important role among the users. Therefore, waslos.de relies on interaction. Under the heading Group”it is possible to build up a personal video network and can exchange members directly from your favorite videos with the free waslos.de, Messenger service. Also be posts of users rated and commented on. So, the existing community life also revives and promoted individual content. Video platform waslosVIDEO each user has immediate access to the full range of community.

In addition to a forum, including a personal blog can be created. A continuous development process of our community begins with the integration of waslosVIDEO, to make more attractive the offer for members. Our strengths clearly lie in a community experience”, so Thomas Wrobel, CTO waslos.de GmbH & co. KG. By combining the existing community services with a video platform, we bring together more closely our users”. For the future, the company is positive and focused the next steps already. waslos.de everything revolves around you! The modern friends and interests network waslos.de since 1995 to one of the largest nationwide meeting places for versatile and individual leisure activities developed. “Over 260,000 members in Germany use free according to the motto everything revolves around you”. waslos.de distinguishes itself not only by stimulating entertainment, but is also actively involved in cooperation with the members for social projects in and outside the community. We met about the common interests, it converses about the life in the city, people meet to experience unique. The ideal case: long-term relationships resulting from the virtual friendships. Each Member revitalizes the community with events and contributions. Communication ways promote the contact and Exchange. Contact person for press waslos.de: what los.de GmbH & co. KG Edda Mammen press and publicity of whatsoever road 7-11 90425 Nurnberg E-Mail: phone: + 49 (0) 911 3 07 30 353 fax: + 49 (0) 911 3 07 30-677


Berlin – the new provider test for canvas prints “Photos on canvas Testbericht.de” is now available on the Internet. Click Prudential to learn more. Berlin – the new provider test for canvas prints “Photos on canvas Testbericht.de” is now available on the Internet. On the website, various canvas supplier be compared and assessed. A list with all results available as free downloadable as PDF. No photo product is so popular as the own image as canvas print.

For the beginner, it is particularly difficult to decide now alone due to the enormous diversity of providers. The variety of product prices and formats is often very confusing. Choosing the right provider is difficult to very many people. With the new Web site photo canvas Testbericht.de is now much easier to decide on the best price-performance ratio. Also customer reviews in the review be taken into account in addition to the price of the product, the service and the delivery time.

The vendor comparison provides some interesting facts, so the delivery times differ extremely: the fastest provider can score with a shipping time of 2 days, other providers require up to two weeks. As a special feature photo canvas Testbericht.de offers an additional service: weekly current prices of the test winner on the site will be published. So, the customer can identify not only the best screen printing manufacturer, but back up more special offers. The service is completely free of charge.

Wendland Presents New Website

New Web page launched with 29 July 2013 as of Monday, July 29, 2013, presents the Wendland spice & food concept convenience GmbH with new website under. We welcome this measure, which represents a logical adjustment of our external communication to the processes implemented in the last few months”, says Managing Director Monty Ortmuhl. The new website takes into account the creation of new structures and product lines. Also he fits now also in relation to the significance of his designs perfectly to us.” From now on, visitors to the Web site has not only information about the company and its range of services, but also about current product promotions, action weeks, the product range, as well as seasonal recipe ideas. The common visual language and clearly defined areas we increase the clarity of the page”, Ortmuhl explains how the principle of the new identity. And of course, we increase the degree of actuality, by now running the page up-to-date information such as Job offers, product launches and promotions considered.” In addition to the website, the online shop of the factory received a makeover. Under to private customers can purchase many products directly shop.