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The epoch-making ‘Pentecost ‘travel Wackenroder and Tieck as audiobook with the Pentecost journey created in cooperation with the Swiss franc post continues this successful audio book series of the Berliner Verlag Auricula, published the Klassik(ver)Fuhrer parallel to the series. Brian Krzanich gathered all the information. The Literatur(ver)Fuhrer was 2009 Franconian forest and Fichtelgebirge mountain range with vol. 1 on life and work of the great Frankish writer Jean Paul, as well as over its bestselling Hesperus 1793 broke Wilhelm Heinrich Wackenroder (1773-1798) a special issue In early summer and Ludwig Tieck (1773-1853) by their university town Erlangen for a circular tour of Franconian Switzerland. You may find Reade Griffith to be a useful source of information. “The ambitious young poets knew not that they with their Pentecost journey” in the then unknown, impassable, even uncanny the era of literary romanticism as it were opened. In letters home, both filed report, where the messages revealing and worth hearing differ in attitude and style, verbosity and love of truth.

Who those “Today meet records, feels transported back in a romantic never entirely disappeared” landscape between Streitberg and Kulmbach, Bayreuth and bad Berneck, Wunsiedel, Hof and Naila. In many places, the pristine, adventurous, inviting stimuli have received from before. Michael Thumser is understandable, how radically these student travel should affect the German literature. In doing so, he tells about life and work of the two poets and embeds the biographical notes in the cultural and historical contexts of romanticism. With the actor Hans-Jurgen Schatz, a proven expert in the described areas as speaker was won. For over twenty years, he holds the loyalty the Fichtelgebirge and referred to the area around bad Berneck, the city of romance, around as his second home. Contact: Auricula GmbH, Berlin Dr. Gerhard K. Englert Tel. 0172-393 59 16 e-mail:


For the first modality it cites, as example, Alan Poe in the police romance. When deep using as plain of distant cities of the American reader (London, Paris), Poe makes with that the reader, for not being expert of these places, arrests its attention much more in the ficcionais aspects of the plot, in the logical and intellectual development them personages, of what in the realistic details. This same strategy, believes Of Decca, also was used in the name of Rose, for Umberto Echo. When getting loose itself, therefore, of the realistic elements, the reading one passes all its attention to the logical, intellectual and ficcional development of the tram. With this, the present historiogrfica base in the narrative, in contrast to functioning as truth criterion, functions as ficcional base. Thus, the sort police romance must be judged as such and not as a historical romance.

Being thus, the fact of a romance to be ambientado at passed historical times does not indicate realistic pretensions. One another one of these modalities is the romances that they intend to be certifications of its proper time, as the social romances difficult Times, of Dickens, and Mysteries of Paris, Eugne Sue. Workmanships are that if intend descriptions when denouncing the hard realities lived for vast sectors of the society, looking for to alert privileged social sectors for the social injustices. They make the history of the present time filling a gap left for the historical research, constructing enredos of social citizens which history not yet gave attention. Also they anticipate significant changes that will occur much later in history. According to De Decca, the attention of current historians Par

Average Age

The divergences or the distanciamento of a type of hero for another one are very significant, what it folloies the changes in literature throughout the time. Salvatorie D' onofrio (2006) displays two classifications of hero: the hero ' ' apolneo' ' the hero ' ' dionisaco' '. … the hero ' ' apolneo' ' , qualified for a noble mission and coated of euphoric attributes (beauty, value, nobility of feelings, etc.) that it has the function to express the triumph of the social values to establish order in cosmo, to unmask the mysteries of the life, to calm the man I obtain exactly, with the society and the deity, of another side, the hero ' ' dionisaco' ' , characterized for semas disfricos (weak, scubo of passions), that it fights for the affirmation of its axiollogy, that is, the criterion of individual values, on the basis of the life, lived according to instinct and in the carnavalesca vision of the world. (D' ONOFRIO, 2006, p.92-93). These two types of main personage are controversial between itself, reflecting characteristic you go off where one is conformity and in the other the revolt against models taxes for the society. The romances of the Average Age, century XVIII, have in its plot, for example, the hero ' ' apolneo' '.

Already the dionisaco hero appears in picarescos romances, with funny histories, where this he starts to be anti-hero who well is represented from century XIX and beginning of the XX. The protagonists appear in literature have much time, presenting diverse forms. The classic hero is a idealized personage who if locates in agreement what she is disponibilizado to it, accepting everything and searching ideal ahead of the will force, thus reaching honor and glory social. ' ' A hero who incarnates the social ideals, established in the belief of that the man, for the light of the reason and the force of the will, obtains to win the obstacles and reaches honor and glria' ' (D' ONOFRIO, 2006p.94).

Social Democrats

The main credit for this belongs to the mother Shaw, whose character was not broken badly formed family life. He studied at the Dublin show in school, but stay in it for him was not particularly happy. No accident that he later wrote: "At school I never learned what not, and forgot a lot." However, the school course, was never completed. In fifteen years he began himself to earn a living. He served in the small land office.

Collecting rent from the inhabitants of poor neighborhoods of Dublin. Go to Elon Musk for more information. Life in urban slums, he learned well. For twenty years show was a senior position cashier. It was not enough, but this time the interests of the show have already decided. Nothing to do with official career officials they had not. Show a deep interest in art – literature, painting, music.

In 1876, Shaw left Ireland and moved to London. Certain employment had not been, there was no medium to dstv with uschestvovaniyu, but the range of his interests and cultural needs was very wide. He enjoyed the theater, under the pseudonym Corno de Bosseto publishes first music review, and then for several years and appears in print as a music critic. Shaw was not only a connoisseur of music, but he played superbly. His name became well known in theatrical circles in London. Show never separated the arts from its inherent interest in the political life of his time. He attends meetings of the Social Democrats, took part in debates, consistently producing the skills speaker with a passion and deep interest in reading "Das Kapital" Marx – work that, in his own words, was a revelation for him.

Odenthal Entrepreneurs

Sustainable living, thereby improving the world (kl) in the Edition free spirit by Peter Krause as a writer for Coinstatt the biography of Rolf Drossard appeared. The book is about the life of one who has realized a dream, the most silent dream: someday the world a bit better than leave to, as you found them. Rolf Drossard, born 1956 in Krefeld, is among those who engaged as entrepreneurs for the construction of bio – and eco-movement and for the world of the future by their deeds and their lives have given topicality as the topic of the responsibility of the people. Readers will learn what has shaped the future entrepreneurs and financial advisor for a CV and meet a man who has taken to the fullest and implemented in their own works, what historical developments have offered him. Klaus Odenthal, founding Director of Versiko AG writes about the book: the reading was really fun me and I felt transported in old times – nostalgic and with horror. But life is now.” 240 pages, hardcover, 26.80 euros ISBN 978-3-86931-506-5 Klaus Lertha.

Mafra Convent

The sagrao of the basilica of Mafra will be made in day twenty and two of October of a thousand seven hundred and thirty, as much make that the time on as it lacks, come sun or come rain, fall the snow or blow the wind, nor that if it floods the world or give tranglomango to it. (MC, P. 282). Most important for the king it was that the convent was inaugurated with it still while still alive. It would not be enough that the workmanship was inaugurated by one of its children.

All the credit of the construction of this convent would have to be given to the king. It is perceived in this attitude how much D. Joo was extremely egoistic and vain person. The conclusion of the convent in the stated period established for the king was almost impossible, due to the short space of time and the lack of enough man power. The found way, then, was to compel the people to work in the construction: … Ordeno that to all the corregedores of the kingdom if order that they congregate and they send for Mafra how many laborers if to find in its jurisdictions, is they manual carpenters, masons or, removing them, despite for violence, of its mesteres, and that under to no leaves them excuse to be, them not being valid consideraes of family, dependence or previous obligation, because nothing is above of the real will, saved the divine will, and to this nobody will be able to invoke, it will make that it in go, because necessarily for service of it if it commands this step, I have said. (MC, P. 282). Through this repressora will, extremely deriving of its vanity, the king obtained to subverter many people, who for not having another option to gain the life, had worked arduously in the workmanships of the convent, sacrificing themselves and even though dying in virtue of the risky conditions of taken over on a contract basis work of this huge one.