Also actor Gunther Kaufmann will be cremated Hamburg, buried 24 may 2012 which is late actor Gunther Kaufmann on May 10, 2012 after Whitsun weekend in the context of a cremation in Munich. 59 percent of Germans want this type of burial, so the result of a recent survey. More information is housed here: Dankse Bank. Only 26 percent of respondents favor a traditional burial, 15 percent are undecided. According to Jack Grealish, who has experience with these questions. Versatile, low-cost, less effort: The boom of cremation has financial and social reasons according to the experts. The trend towards cremation is nationwide.

We assume that 55 percent of all burials are cremations. The burial will be elected only 45 percent”, says Christoph Keldenich, Managing Director of the consumer initiative Aeternitas e.V. survey shows: the trend will further increase. provides financial and social reasons as causes of the significant trend towards the ballot box. Who among Funeral expenses must or want to save, choose mostly the cremation. Especially the grave costs are lower than in graves for a coffin burial at urn graves often to hundreds of euros. Also the grave care is cheaper at a smaller urn Tomb.

Apart from financial reasons, and social changes are cause of the trend for the cremation. In Germany, a change is taking place. Elaborate ground burials, vaults in the past were often a social must today are rather the wishes and needs of members, as well as the individuality of the deceased at the Center “,’s Managing Director Fabian Schaaf says. Many families live today on various cities scattered, elaborate grave care is often no longer possible. There are urn graves now in variations that must be maintained hardly or not at all by the members. Also the individual performances of the dead play an increasingly important role at the funeral. The desire for natural burials as one Tree burial grows. These are”possible but usually only in conjunction with a cremation, says Schaaf. Experts expect a further increase in the cremations. The trend towards the ballot box will increase our opinion in the coming years”, Kalra says. We expect this year with a further rise of the cremations to five percent”, Schaaf added. About is a comparison service recommended by consumer protection agencies for burials in Germany. Users can receive offers on request without obligation from tested loading Stattern. In addition, offers comprehensive information about funeral services and insurance. The offer is free of charge for customers. Press contact Christine Sollmann, spokeswoman Heimhuder Strasse 72, 20148 Hamburg phone: (040) 209 311 961 email: Web:

System Change

Brussels was the scene of important actions that have raised human rights abuses of the regime in Tehran on the streets as well as in the European Parliament last week. The Nov 12 2009 could enter as a historic day for politics in the Iran in the history. The European Parliament has provided a generous platform Maryam Rajavi, the attack on the camp Ashraf in the Iraq and the future policy in the Iran. such as these. Maryam Rajavi is the Chairman of the national of back Standing Council of Iran and head of the PMOI (Volksmujahedin), an association with changeable history, which were recorded until January 2009 on the European list of terrorist organisations. Since the Volksmujahedin could bring valuable information about the nuclear of Iran in the West to the language, and they have won many friends in the West in a prominent place. Rajavi took advantage of the opportunity to say thank you on behalf of their organisation at the European Parliament for the pressure on the Iraqi Government. It had action – in one night and fog probably at the instigation of the regime in Iran- Camp Ashraf ambushed and killed several people and injured.

Then, the army took several residents hostage in order to obtain some of the remaining residents of Ashraf. Around the world, itself solidarisierten Mujahideen with their comrades and came in a 72 days of hunger strike, in which they renounced at the end of even the Aufnhmen of liquid. The Geislen were released through the intervention of inter alia of the European Parliament and the hunger strikers could save their lives. Rajavi was even further. She promised a democratic Iran, if she would come in the Iran power and read a list of democratic values and human rights, who want to implement after the fall of the regime. In their speeches, many parliamentarians from all over Europe, including Eva-Britt Svensson of the European United Left/Nordic Green Left, signaled solidarity with the residents of camp Ashraf and the goals of Maryam Rajavi.

The Key To The Iran

The reactions in the Iran on the day before the UN Human Rights Council shows that it makes sense to move the human rights focus of the policy. September 15, 2010 will remain probably Mohammad-Javad Larijani in the memory. He had his land before the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva to represent the task. The UN Human Rights Council in Geneva has handled the situation in Iran on this day in the cycle of reviews. Western States and a number of oppositional non-government organizations (NGOs) sought to introduce numerous violations and improvement recommendations.

Iran in turn dispatched a high-level delegation, which praised very self-conscious own progress since the Islamic revolution of 1979. A number of friendly countries such as Venezuela, Cuba and Pakistan is focused on raising the standards of living in Iran, expanding health care and advancing literacy. The head of the Iranian delegation parried the accusations against his country, to have massively violates human rights with common denial and turned with a broad chest behind the ideology and its executive organs. In this respect, he will look back on this part of its work probably not without satisfaction. He took but a clear message in the Iran, that he needed and profession was allowed to ride before a panel of senior regime officials in the Iran. The Embassy will be probably some buoyancy the Rafsanjani camp.

A sharp wind had blown towards Geneva Larijani, the reputation of the Islamic Republic of Iran has lost heavily in last year’s reputation. The official in Europe, the country considered very advanced democracy compared to its neighbors in the region. The Group of the “Armaggedonisten” what is the same with the Group of the so-called “Armaggedonisten” in the Iran because it is little rational point of view, are the relations with the rest of the world. The “Armaggedonisten” are a group of about 2000 clergy, who are inspired by Ayatollah Mohammed Yazdi and Ayatollah Mesbah Yazdi to implement a messianic ideology into action. You stand behind Ahmadinejad, penetrate the new generation of Pasdaranfuhrer and sit at other important levers of power. The day is the pragmatic and rational-minded representatives of the regime, to make new arguments in hand, influence on the Supreme Leader Ali Chameneii brothers and Rafsanjani, as the three Chairman in Geneva to be turned around, before the “Armaggedonisten” create even more chaos in the Iran and the world. What will the West? In the West, the political class, that the reform forces within the system prevail, because the situation seems better controlled builds. Prefer a little of the population listed by Government on which we exert our influence, says some, as new and unknown sizes that we cannot estimate. This assessment leads to little support for civil society in the Iran, which is supported by broad strata of the population. The people finally want a system in which self-determination is possible; a system that separates religion and State leadership, is democratically structured. The last cries of the roads of the country clearly demonstrate this trend. The magic word is referendum. Mainly young people between 16 and 45 finally wish you a new system in which they creatively can engage. What could bring them support from the West? Helmut N. fork

Association Agreement

Many politicians don’t conceal the relations with Russia and active take part in the inter partes measures, keep the friendship with the Russian Government members and parliamentarians. Some have their own business in Russia, particularly in the construction sector, others actively attract Russian companies to the investment projects in the field of ship construction. So they have a personal including material incentive to political cooperation with Moscow and can exert on the opinion of the French establishment by the development of relations between the EU and the Ukraine in particular by the Association Agreement a negative influence. After the Socialists to power in France, the situation has changed little. Affection with Kremlin also brought the party administration and President F.

hollande. France, the pro-Russian party members View who do not reject the expensive gifts, guests can relax in the Elitebade, use the financial support of Gazprom and other wealthy industrial societies. As a result, subjecting them to the Ukrainian efforts to the fulfilment of the obligation before the EU hard criticism and call for the cancellation of the signing of the Association Agreement on the Vilnius Summit. In July of this year, the fact-finding mission of the foreign Commission of the National Assembly is Russia against France’s so-called French and European policy”created. Their abandoned it is to study the current state of French-Russian relations and to provide a recommendation on the policy correct of country on Russia the foreign Commission of the National Assembly. But, because some mission members are pro-Russian, a main accent work created for almost two months on the adjacent issues, such as the relations between Poland and Russia, the Ukraine and Russia, the development of customs and Eurasian Union. The mission members are already joined to carry the informal meetings with the ambassadors of Poland and the Ukraine in France. The conversation had with our Ambassador, Mr.