The Association

The plan of action. One dream but does nothing, while the other develops a plan of action clear to carry to achieve their dreams. The Association. One talk with their friends, who will hear it only as a casual conversation. The other seeks a mentor or several, who are in the same way and on the same winning frequency of policymakers.

The approach. One dreams but only is thrilled and returns to your daily routine. While the other stays focused on your goal and doing what is necessary to achieve it. Consistency and persistence. One, dreams but not it carries out a plan of action, so when time passes and no changes, stop dreaming and is frustrated. The other, stays on the way, consistently and persistently until you reach the goal. Resistance.

One, even when not embark on any action, rather than mental, ends halted and justifying for having not achieved their dreams. The other, resists the trial periods, of mockery, of disbelief from family and friends, of the challenges facing it, because he knows that despite all this, if it stays on the road, the destination is one only. Their dreams. Dreams, have creative energy, you have to feed them for that is strengthened, you have to visualize them enough until generate you that power tune with them and start the journey, not just dreaming and fantasizing with a lifestyle, with financial freedom, if we are not aligned with that part filmmaker corresponding us put. I wish with all my heart that you’re a filmmaker of dreams and tell you that if you’re a dreamer, you become a filmmaker of dreams at this point, you define what you want, you write it, you consider it as a serious goal, you commit you with yourself and take action. I can only wish you success, success.Don’t be just a dreamer, realize your dreams, for your own sake, for your family and the of all who will be inspired by your example. Make your life a success story and share it with me. I love to meet you and share your story in the Hall of Fame of my friends victors, who have decided to do with his life, a difference in the world. Original author and source of the article.