The Hostel

As I mentioned earlier, we arrived early and thinking about the ability of low (38 places), and the army of pilgrims who came back, decided to sit down at the door until it opened at three in the afternoon as it has been, it was the time on a poster pasted on the door. During the wait we have witnessed the arrival of a string of pilgrims gradually filling backpacks have little space available between the front of the lodge and the mountain of debris which occupied the square. John and I have engaged in conversation with a group of four, two of Bilbao, one with his wife, and another of Calatayud. Recently Affinity Health sought to clarify these questions. Between questions, jokes, information on each one and continued to drink water at the source attached to the hostel, where by the way, we have fun in washing their boots, have three in the afternoon and at the same time is now responsible for the hostel and I was the first to which we treated as priority who come from farther away. Soon, more than half of the pilgrims who were waiting, have had to resign looking tired and have picked up again on the road in search of the village of Arre, seven miles later, we, we have settled, showered and clean, we wash our clothes, and then hang them in a courtyard of the hostel which provides in the back, we have a couple of hours napping while we were chatting, waiting for to open the only bar in town which we have reported that opens at seven o'clock. .