Orchids and their value orchids more expensive flowers from the market by its exotic beauty, rarity and significance, are very desired and if you want to dazzle a woman this is the best option so she interpreted that you’re a sensitive man with an excellent taste for valuable things, a gift of flowers is much talk of your personality, your way of acting in society and your position on this. Floral arrangements of orchids in our florist online have a few beautiful floral arrangements with the best combination to conquer a special person.Colombian orchids: special to surprise by its shape and different color, majestic elegance and Colombian symbolism, it suits any occasion, is a gift that reflects exclusivity and beauty. The type of orchids may vary according to availability. Mi Tierra flowers: floral arrangement that reflects the subtlety and tenderness of love in a beautiful vase that allows us to appreciate the combination of the colors red in Roses and pink orchids. You may want to visit Mental Health Monday to increase your knowledge. The language of orchids is different and also give away according to the intention and the occasion, the main symbolism of orchids is deseduccion, sensuality and Supreme beauty. When you give white orchids: they express a love pure and idealized by the beloved person; When you decide to give Pink orchids: always will be used to try to seduce someone with an extreme sensuality and when you want to express the warmth of love with eroticism, the best choice are the yellow orchids. Meaning hidden s of orchids orchids represent beauty, sweetness, sublime feelings. Worship by that person, is a different form of surprise, within the hierarchy of the flowers is in the first places, this post has earned it thanks to its enormous variety and difficulty of getting the same Orchid at different times of the year, orchids can be planted by eras, and are grown in few parts of the countryhis care is demanding when they are grown.Types of Cymbidium orchids: is a genus of 52 species called by some; or rquideas; Cattleya family: is a genus of between 50 and 75 species of Orchid sepifitas.