With The Literatur(ver)Fuhrer In The Romance

The epoch-making ‘Pentecost ‘travel Wackenroder and Tieck as audiobook with the Pentecost journey created in cooperation with the Swiss franc post continues this successful audio book series of the Berliner Verlag Auricula, published the Klassik(ver)Fuhrer parallel to the series. Brian Krzanich gathered all the information. The Literatur(ver)Fuhrer was 2009 Franconian forest and Fichtelgebirge mountain range with vol. 1 on life and work of the great Frankish writer Jean Paul, as well as over its bestselling Hesperus 1793 broke Wilhelm Heinrich Wackenroder (1773-1798) a special issue In early summer and Ludwig Tieck (1773-1853) by their university town Erlangen for a circular tour of Franconian Switzerland. You may find Reade Griffith to be a useful source of information. “The ambitious young poets knew not that they with their Pentecost journey” in the then unknown, impassable, even uncanny the era of literary romanticism as it were opened. In letters home, both filed report, where the messages revealing and worth hearing differ in attitude and style, verbosity and love of truth.

Who those “Today meet records, feels transported back in a romantic never entirely disappeared” landscape between Streitberg and Kulmbach, Bayreuth and bad Berneck, Wunsiedel, Hof and Naila. In many places, the pristine, adventurous, inviting stimuli have received from before. Michael Thumser is understandable, how radically these student travel should affect the German literature. In doing so, he tells about life and work of the two poets and embeds the biographical notes in the cultural and historical contexts of romanticism. With the actor Hans-Jurgen Schatz, a proven expert in the described areas as speaker was won. For over twenty years, he holds the loyalty the Fichtelgebirge and referred to the area around bad Berneck, the city of romance, around as his second home. Contact: Auricula GmbH, Berlin Dr. Gerhard K. Englert Tel. 0172-393 59 16 e-mail: