Farewell You separate yourself gradually for an uncertain route, your origins you abandon idnea. The hurt suffocates me the spirit joins, Of an improperly saudosa souvenir. The day is dissolved in a torpor medium brown, What me acrisola this pungente been d? soul, Where comfort some can restitute happiness Face to our separate destiny. This serious and soft lusco-fusco Analogous is to my state d? soul, and the term of this barren day Is also similar to this atrocious end, Between our strong and meninil bow That lies in the twilight of this day. I remember myself now when tergiversating, Of the privacy that enters we subsistia Brotava in me a certainty to love, and Insisted that without you it did not survive.

Without your great radioso smile That makes to forget the finitude, It will reign the hopelessness and the belief of that everything deludes. Already start to feel the heart to hurry the step fast. I imagine the findado one in oppression and pranto leaves uncontrolled. I turn around of new in desperation, I see Still you to far the indistinct one, You are as the morning that goes far, But this will still come back? Good bye? My love, until always, Remembers to you of me perpetually Creature of the perpetual pureness? Good bye? My love, forever