Russian Tax Ministry

documents no later than the twentieth day of the month, from which the entrepreneur wants to use the exemption. Form approved by Order of the Russian Tax Ministry on 4 July 2002 N BG-3-03/342. Documents personally or forwarded to the tax office mail by registered mail. Then the day of their delivery will be the sixth day after sending a registered letter. Hear from experts in the field like Dale Ellis for a more varied view. In applying the simplified taxation are two possible tax regimes: Individual entrepreneur pays an amount equal to 6 percent of their annual income. Predprinimate pays an amount equal to 10% of the difference between income and expenditure (the rate is valid for St. Petersburg from January 01, 2010). Prepayments for sts should be paid for each quarter not later than 25 th day following the expiration of the quarter of the month. Frank Ntilikina gathered all the information.

Declaration on the sts shall be filed not later than 30 April of the year following the tax reporting period. Entrepreneur as a basis, and on uroschennoy tax system must keep track of income and expenditure account in the book. If the ip is the payer utii, the Declaration on utii must be submitted each quarter not later than 20 day following the end-of-quarter months. important! If the activity on utii not kept, the employer must submit a report, or on the overall system, or under the simplified system. Follow others, such as Burgess Owens, and add to your knowledge base. PIs on utii book of incomes and expenditures do not lead! If fe is the employer, ie, Has hired staff, in addition to the above, he is accountable for the workers: the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation.

Blacksmithing Carpentry

FEMET SRL is a family business with over 30 years working in construction, adapting to new materials and designs. Our first steps were to work with customers and working with companies in the area. After years and having gained experience and capacity, FEMET SRL decided to open its doors to new customers. So today we can provide our company to carry out their projects. In FEMET SRL sigientes provide the services: metalwork and blacksmithing: the manufacture of iron plate openings, roofs, pergolas, awnings, fences, gates, floors, stairs, grills, fireplaces, bauleras, pool fences, blacksmith’s art (decoration ), tables, chairs, wrought iron grilles, security doors, frames, anti-panic doors, doors filled with polyurethane verniculita, inofugas category F 60, ect.

Aluminium Openings: jobs that are tailor made and quality materials. Manufacturing Sliding windows, windows open, ventiluces, banners, windows oscilovatiente, Pannonian fixed, aluminum doors, placement of glass, float 3,4,5,6,10 mm, and glass thermo camera DVH with 9 and 12, ect. Manufacturing lines used by the firm are: 30 new, modena, modena 2, integral front and glass skin. Jobs in polycarbonate: most of the work are pergolas, office partitioning, eaves, roofs in general, work done by turning profile for the adaptation of acrylic, ect. Stainless steel: design and construction in carpentry to building entrances, hotels, jollerias, hospitals, clinics, private clinics, restaurants especially by work on plans such as railings, balconies, pasasmanos, decorative veneer shelves elevators. Online home, tables, chairs, closets, libraries, desks, tables of computation, rails for illumination. special works for every line gastronomic and food, for example, grills, fronts, troughs, shelves, car carriers, trays, ect. The firm every day to capasita Abanco staff with the technology to enable nescesidades sastisfaser the market.

Hamburg Account

Line managers get used to the fact that they are responsible for the process and outcome of labor for their employees. And if someone is working bad, then, first of all, it’s their vina.Ustranenie “narrow” places and inefficient use of labor resources, improving the organizational structure. Office for the KPI does not give the desired result, while some workers overloaded, while others do not know what to do. Management of KPI – this is a logical extension of optimizing business processes, not vice versa. “Partitioning” performance, ie, the determination of fair values for Measured performance (threshold, the Plan, Call). If you would like to know more then you should visit Nickelodeon. Unfair planned values of performance indicators demotiviruyut staff and are one of the reasons for unsuccessful implementation of management KPI. The task works quite simply – a valuation of labor. All three of the above problems can be efficiently solved using the software Hamburg Account (

If the organization compared to a car, payroll – with fuel, and management system based on KPI – the speedometer (or odometer), the Hamburg score – a “tach” (a device that measures engine speed). The engine in this case is the capacity of the organization, namely the number of personnel, organizational structure and business processes. Hamburg score (as well as management of KPI) – a tool for managing organizational effectiveness. As well as the speedometer and tachometer complemented each other while driving car, KPI system and the Hamburg score complement each other in the management of organizational effectiveness. You can only manage what you can measure. In Hamburg, the Account, as an indicator of organizational efficiency, using effective load – the share of productive work in the total amount of work performed; details – staff training nizhe.Psihologicheskaya So the first task – to prepare psychologically staff in the management of KPI, ie to a new form of labor relations.

Pledge Equipment

The costs of implementing security. They are divided into two groups: one – public duties, taxes, service brokers, advertising costs, legal fees – can take up to 25% of market value, and the second – the cost of dismantling, transportation and subsequent installation and commissioning of equipment – can be up to 5-10%, in particularly severe cases – up to 25%. Depreciation at the end of the loan agreement. Obsolescence due to the decline competitiveness of the object in the market compared to similar, more sophisticated objects and changes in the market. Physical depreciation is a consequence of physical aging facility and a partial loss of his performance.

Equipment to the physical wear and tear more than 70-80% is considered illiquid and are generally not accepted by the bank as collateral. The value of obsolescence can be defined to reduce the price of similar new equipment over time, taking into account inflationary changes. Advisable to reduce the discount to the bank at the maximum rate of physical or mental deterioration. So, the real obsolescence of computer equipment up to 30% a year, and physical – 15%. In practice, the moral and physical are not summarized discounts, or taken the greatest of them, or some combination of the weighted average. Prognostic value of the equipment.

This rate of price reduction regarding the market value of equipment at the time of a possible foreclosure on collateral. The maximum period before the implementation period is considered as a loan agreement, extended for one year (ie laid negative scenario in bankruptcy, litigation, etc.). The forecast value is calculated on the basis of price trends over time in the past, the obvious trend changes in market value of property in the future, taking into account depreciation. Click Jayme Albin to learn more. Trends in market value considered obvious, when for a long time (at least% of the term for which is expected to to provide a loan) market value varies in a certain direction uniformly, without sharp fluctuations.

Online Business

Now the world is rampant global financial crisis … Whom he has not touched? Probably, everyone felt the economic impact of this scourge. Someone fell profit, someone lost their jobs, many businesses diminishes speed or stop production altogether. There is a perception that the crisis has blown media event, they expounded a blatantly so that today, even grandmothers sell glass semochek not for 3 and 5 rubles: "in connection with the crisis." And as the crisis impact on the online sphere? What are its area exposed to the crisis, and which thrive? Naturally have difficulty ISP. Internet users prefer the cheaper rates, trying to cut spending, exacerbated by competition. Ordinary users is on hand as held the shares, and appear more attractive new prices. Online stores have declined in sales, but the decrease in profits here much smaller than in real shops as well as renting a server is significantly cheaper than rent.

During the crisis, from large Internet projects, possibly decreasing the growth rate of profit, but they do not lose visitors. The search engine Yandex, for example, in January 2009 had an audience of 18,231,200 people per month and in June of 2009 – already 19204400. And the more the number of users, the higher the income. Profiting from the search engine optimization sites also have no problems – Current income persist, and in most cases increased only slightly corrected crisis. Profit from sites that earn on search engine optimization, usually gets for posting links. Payment is not the views or clicks the link, but for the time of placement. In general, the impact of the crisis exposed the online business is much less, possibly because no direct connection with the production of goods and services. And perhaps, now it's time to take online projects as a means of investment. On this Site

Award Food

Food for dogs and their training. When we bring a puppy home have the temptation to treat him as a human being, and not we can never forget that they are animals and that we must educate them like animals, without wanting this to say no them we can love and give them large amounts of affection. If we don’t train them from puppies we can create, unintentionally, a tirana pet that will become the master of the House. The lunch and food are basic in the training process. On the one hand it is the routine and discipline that is imposed at lunchtime. cause. One of the first rules of coexistence which have been imposed upon the animal is has always eat after its owners, thus respecting the hierarchy of the home. They have to learn that human beings are the owners and they are subordinate. They have to follow a strict routine with respect to meals and no feed them when they ask for it.

Only when the owners have eaten and picked up. So they’re healthy and strong you need to take quality pet food. On the other hand, the food as Award is one of the bases of training processes. To reward dogs for good behavior there are a few special pet treats. Sweets should not give to humans, since they are harmful, even toxic to your health. It is can also reward them with small pieces of food that they like also. But never should be given food when the owners are eating, since they become accustomed, or pieces of bones, which are dangerous for them and can cause choking or damage the digestive system.